Michelle Park's simple at-home facial technique

Michael and Sara invite audience member to learn the latest self-care treatments.
4:36 | 01/24/19

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Transcript for Michelle Park's simple at-home facial technique
Self-care has been a big trend lately. Getting your skin back on track can be expensive. So Michelle park is as obsessed with budget-friendly beauty as I am. That, I am. Welcome, Michelle. That's the key. You don't always have to spend money. Facials in the spa can run you about $250. Over a year, it's $3,000. I'm a mom of two, I know you also have kids. Who has three hours to get a facial? I like to make time for that, but -- I want to be in your shoes. But, Michelle, everybody is looking for this skin reboot. Like you said, facials can be very expensive. You have solutions you can do at home. We need a volunteer. So does anyone from the audience want to -- okay, you. Come on up, my dear. You brave soul you. What is your name? Alana. What do we have, Michelle. How can we get started? We're starting with cleansing. It's the first step with any skin care routine. I love to use -- this is coconut oil. You can give that a feel. You basically use this as a cleanser. It might feel counterintuitive. It breaks down the makeup and oils in your skin so you can get it out of your face. What about the extra oil on your skin, though? It's good for you. You can lick it. I wouldn't recommend licking your face. Okay. But -- what you can do right after is add your regular cleanser to your routine. So right after that, you want to do a double cleanse. Oil first. Cleanser second. Use lukewarm water to rinse that part off so you lock in the moisture. Really hot water can dry out your skin. With your hands, right? She's doing it great. Nice, circular motions. You can see her makeup sloughing off. Maybe we shouldn't have picked someone with makeup on. No, that's the point. It came right off. What is this now? So next, we have the exfoliating stuff. I have a scrub here. You want to get to the areas with lots of blackheads, the forehead. Anything that bothers you. Can you exfoliate too often? Yes. So do not do it every day. That is a very good question. I would suggest, like, once a week, especially if your skin is sensitive. Use a soft baby wash cloth is what I use because I have a baby. Basically, try to be really gentle with it. You're going to rinse that right off when you're done. My hands are soft. You smell good. Oh, yeah. Right there. Baby soft. This is the one I don't know how to make -- steam? I love a good steam. The facial part of the steam. One of the best things. So you can just boil a kettle. What I put in the kettle, ooh, when I do this. Is there's lvender and mint in there. Oh, that smells good. Yum. It smell like a spa. Is you're -- so you're going to pour this in a big bowl. Almost like a punch bowl. You can stick your face over it or take a wash cloth and dab it in there. Hold it over your face. Two or three times. You're going to make sure that the pores really open up. Not wiping. Breathe it in. I was thinking put a towel over your head and cover over the bowl. If you're going to do that, it's one level up. It's ph.d. Level facial. Thank you, thank you. And the great thing is -- You should be talking about that. I'm sure you don't suggest it. With the herbs and stuff, you could drink that as a tea after you're done steaming your face. It's funny you say that, Michael. What I do, I add a green tea bag in there. The antioxidants help clear your skin. If you wanted to, you could drink it. It might be cold. Dual use. And the last step is to moisturize. You want to lock in all of the good stuff you just did for your skin. You can pick up your favorite, drugstore product in terms of moisturizer. And put that on. Remember to use your neck as part of your face. Is that granola? That's the step after that. You can use coconut oil again to lock in the moisture. If you to have ashy areas. If you have dry hair, it's great. All this is for later? Moisture? So I have one quick tip if you want to add it in. Make your own mask. All you need is oatmeal and honey. You mix it together. If you have blemish spots, add lemon juice. You can eat it afterwards. Facial and breakfast. Michelle, thank you so much. Really helpful tips. Everybody at home, you can use that.

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{"duration":"4:36","description":"Michael and Sara invite audience member to learn the latest self-care treatments.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60599745","title":"Michelle Park's simple at-home facial technique","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/michelle-parks-simple-home-facial-technique-60599745"}