You don't want to miss the big 'Holiday Reunion Week' on 'GMA Day'

Watch Michael Strahan and Sara Haines surprise three best friends; their reaction is priceless.
3:45 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for You don't want to miss the big 'Holiday Reunion Week' on 'GMA Day'
where tnks to our sponsor, Zelle, we're bringing together fr son who havtruggled to see one anotr due to finances, distance and other life Obst today's story isut three best friends with upcoming major milestones. Take a loo four yrs ago, Jae Curtis landed her dream job in public relations. The only Dowe, Florida, over 1,300 miles away from her two best friend alia and Marissa in New York. The three women had been a tight trio since elementary school, but en high school ended, mataining thpecial bond became harder and harder. Fast frd to 2018they are th in the dst of life-changing milestones. A Marissa are each Enge alexia is exciting R rst child in the year. Jasmine feels like her friends are slipping awa ths to make trip cko New York, Jasmine reached out to us with the hope of ring with R best friends so they can properly celebrate their monumentale Monts together. Aww. Yes. And we areoined now Jasmine. And how hard was it fou to move away from them? It mveugh. Yea it was rough.soved from newk to Florida, it was challenging, you know, kind of I Ed my drea Jo I lohat I do. Love the pple that ik th, but none can ever replace rissa and alexia. They arelike, my srs. We used trything togeth from being in the same clses. We played on the tennis team th we pick out each other outfits and -- That's trust. Just to have them in my life, you know, that therysically LE they had been since elementary school, an a big challenor . Why iit so important toe them right now? This yearfe is channg and they have big milestones Ng up frhedings and es on the way and just -- Surprise. I. Oh my god. Hi. Oh my god. How are you? So exciting. We have got some tears. Tears arcoming. Can we get some -- we need napkins, please, you guys. Are you surprised? Yes. And alexia, you guys have been so tisince elemtary school. How does it feel to be back GE now? Is so good. It so great to seem, pecially going through all is, with the engagement an the pregncy, these are moments that I wish, you know, Jasmine S . Yh. It's when you neour friends the most. Exa. Hat about you,issa? How are you feeling? Same wa I'm so excited. This so muchoing on iny life, and I just want to have he all of th. Celtiment. Picking out your outfits. Congratulations to you both for the engagement, and th baby. By. That's right. A newend in theribe. We're so happycould surpse U with thireunion, ae wantmake sure at you three are able to be together these coming celebras Zelle, which is a fast, S and easy wayoend money between your group, is your group000 to stay. Be ear. Thank you. O no more seven years. No more seven years. This ibeof of rnions. Yeah. Thaou so much gr. Thanks for sharing your Stor

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Watch Michael Strahan and Sara Haines surprise three best friends; their reaction is priceless. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59799932","title":"You don't want to miss the big 'Holiday Reunion Week' on 'GMA Day'","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/miss-big-holiday-reunion-week-gma-day-59799932"}