Who could replace Henry Cavill as the 'Man of Steel'?

Why it's a good day for "Superman" auditions.
10:38 | 09/13/18

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Transcript for Who could replace Henry Cavill as the 'Man of Steel'?
Very excited audience here with us trning.we hope every's having good dayfar. Special thank you to our audience announcer, ca L fr San Francisca thank you, Carmen. I think you're aural. Sorry? You're a natural. So? Thank Yo reat job, and wee to times square, everybody. How doing, sar O the way out? That waa little -you got caught ibeeen one of the cracks that you were walking M of a sudden, you werelike, six ches lower than I am. I'm, like, thliving, breathing Bridget Jones. I come all gat and iav say for us bng here, this is our fourth show. Yes. Right [ apple on our ow, wweiving away gifts. Eah. So we gave pharwe gave him LI first guest gift Verylaus statue. Yes, also we gav a t-shirt. Yes. Andhen we gavelizabeth OLN - she was here -- wee he a garden gnome because she ga. That's herpass G And I happened to be running arou backstagendy thing and I stick there. Yep. Come on up here, buddy. Yeah. Elibeth! Now I have known Elizabeth for awhile. I think she is a sweetheart. I'm G to just ce fact maybe itoeit in the overhead. Because she would never L itnt. She have an ia for stlike this becse maybe -it has a little weight to it.eed tve shelf of rejected G K that would be lovely. He needs a home because clearly abeth isn'inviting him into hers. But iu have -- if you give somebody a gift and they don't take it, and then you give to somebo E is that regifting? Egng. No. You die it to me and I took it and gave it to somebolse. I gave it toomebody else. You took itk. Th's, like, saying I broke up first. E already jected it. S already rejected it, B are notoing to rejec we a ur own. Yes. There we go. There we . Loving- lovingthis gno is going to join us for section hhere. Whr night last night? It was good. It was actually very meaful. N borne. Yes. I love we were red journast, but he was on weekends. Were all like a familythat wesquad. Ron has been there for 32 years. 32 S, and you know how you and always talou ended up here kind of by accident Ming throuide doors? Ron is, like, the real deal. He is one of T old school journalists, S sitting at a table with him was sometime Ng, but he was also the guy THR m&ms at me thh S," and it was an honor to sit with that team, specifically Ron, and he has got a second act coming. We don know what that is, but he is so amazing. Gives bacto people. He is ring from a weekends. Retiring from ABC, yep. A 32 years D of course, we wish Ron the best. He is of the nicest men. We love you, Ron. Yeah. In the building without doe, love, love round was thator after the drinks? That picre. That was ter. Couldn yy rosy cheeks? Everybodyooked ca. Y don't dri too much at a work event. Just so you know, that's my tip for the day. Never ends well. Little Sippy Sippy and out T' late. Anhad a big GHT last night, Y know, usuly a lot of times because we have T up so early now,on't do a lot ofnts. Ight. Last night I did. What did you do? Well, I did tvents.one, the gd plus fouatn, whh was started by Jessica a sefeld. Ther are. Jessica, Jerry and myself. Who is? Itas at the rnl. H.tice, prac. Carnegie hnd you', like, mama, ve made it. It W amazing. They put on a great show. It's all for C. They raised sterday. . What they do is they muc and theyave comedi so C wasther he has a groupalled August ne. Mmrobert gglasper, Kem Riggs, andhen later commo came out wh John legend. Oh. Man, calm down. An performed yes, they did, and then they had the comedians. Gad elmaleh wase, Leslie Jones was there. Sebastian scalco washere. Seth Meyers and then to clot down, jerryeinfeld performed. Yeah. So that was fantas How did you do two things that packed? I did that, and then I had to run from there and run over to the Mercedes dealership 1th avenue because glorious usa spots foundation, they had a shion showyou had a T the bigger athletes in the world, and T re fashion D carpet aot a chance to strut. And I -- Oh gosh. Michael, no. You knoat? I S hosting the thing. I didn't walk the runway, but myco-host, iadme stop tips you Cina is like a permodel. Ll me how to do it. Have the s-inch heels. Football players aren't opposed to beful either you're kof clunky. T ou can't be grul, T wouldn't W to remove your sh your size from -- You can be big and yes. E. Okay. Welen. For good day/bad day. , It's a good day let's do it. It's good day R superhero auditions because hecavill reportedlne playing T man steel. He took to insam with this video captioned, today was exciti, #Superman. Leaving opquestions. You know what?erman come into frame, takes it out of frame. He has a krye shirt on. I love him as the man. I think he intastic toe honeu. Anhe hually one of ticest guysut there. I mean, ha had a chance spend some time with him. Incredle guy. Pe he continues. I don'te do is on instag I never get it I don't understand what they are trying to tell us. Tt's the point. They are trying toey are ou in. Renry. Okay? Llim after T show. How about that? Soo you workut? You work out obvio Have yolooked at my arm lately? Exhia. How often do you work out? I try to work every day ldo you worout? Sually about 45 S to an hour. Really? Well, you're wasting a lot of Tell that to my -- T's a go day for cch tatoes, ople. That's right. It's a good day. The medicine and science of sports and exercise journal DI a study where working out Ju 13 minut day, theyad pe worked out did a group es in one th had a G that did ree ts and a gup that did sets of same exerce. They found thae group th did E set had as much benefit as T Reall 13 minutes. W is if you are doing one set, it has to be drng can't be,ik Like explosive. I'moo no, it dsnork that W a lot eople are happy, like, I just saved a whole bunch of tin Isn't it funny that a magazine about exercise put out an article that says exercise is- that would be liling people TV isn go for you. Rn it off right now. But I will sali in the gym. I need more than 13 min because it just relaxe mind. Yeah. The happy hormones neeme be triered. Yes, and you know what? Ppy. I'm hap Bse we're hin day, people. We got another one.ople long grove, Iowa. At's my people. Tra large ze Hershey bars fecades justmae smile. Ives them T to friend, strolls around town on his daily routine and actually today is hersheilton Y's 161st birthday wow. What I love -- what I love is are K or treating. Bars were I lov people that that real size and not the mini. Hat's Almos worth it treat And so many oth. We have Hershey's employees here right aking a break from the office by handing outilk chocolate Othey are. I got you one.

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{"duration":"10:38","description":"Why it's a good day for \"Superman\" auditions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57800296","title":"Who could replace Henry Cavill as the 'Man of Steel'? ","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/replace-henry-cavill-man-steel-57800296"}