'Schitt's Creek' stars Eugene and Dan Levy join Michael and Sara

Sara's dream comes true when the cast of her favorite show visits GMA Day.
7:11 | 01/17/19

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Transcript for 'Schitt's Creek' stars Eugene and Dan Levy join Michael and Sara
We have the funniest father-son duo joining us. Together, they have created one of my favorite shows on television. It's back for its fifth season. I can't say enough about it. I can't even say the name. But it's called -- take a look. How -- That's my fear. Put her on speaker. How? Speaker speaker? Yeah, hello? Moira? John, are you there? Yeah, I'm here. Everybody's here. Kids, say hi to your mother. Hi. She's not my mother. Who are those voices? Uh, your children? Please welcome, Eugene levy and Dan levy. ?????? Oh, my gosh. Good to see you, man. In the presence of genius. It's good to see you. Good to see you again. We have these paddles for you. So if you feel inspired to say the show you're on, you just flash this little thing. Because it's appropriate. Oh, why don't we just say it? We can't say the name of the show. But, when you were coming with the concept for the show. Did you think that the title would be such a thing? Um -- we thought it would be a thing for maybe a week. Kind of water cooler talk. But after that -- Not five years later, I guess. After that, it's just the name of the show. The funniest thing is, it's a legitimate last name. There are people watching this show with this name like, I guess I can't say my name. In every phone book in every city around the world it's a legitimate name. They also can't be guests on our show because we can't say their name. Wow. Dan, this show is your baby. This is the part that blows my mind. Because we have phone your dad for decades. Comedy legend. This is your baby, writer, producer, no, let me keep going. You even down to the details of the, I was with the women of the show. They say sometimes you comment on the wigs. You're shopping for some of the clothes to see if it's wacky enough. Your hands are in everything. It's a slow descent into madness, really. We don't have a huge budget on the show. Either do we. And yet -- I need the clothes to be authentic and real. These people came from such wealth. I didn't want to fake it. In order to do that, I have to keep eyes out on Ebay and all of these consignment shops and anytime something goes on sale. I'll buy clothes throughout the year. Not for me but like, for Catherine and Annie. By the time we start the show, my closet is filled with women's clothing. And, you know, it is what it is. Sometimes you play dress-up. He's pretty amazing. He is, she. Hands on, I would say. The one thing. I cannot stop staring at your hair, Eugene. That is a beautiful head of hair. But -- but -- but I was told that nobody can touch it. Is that true? That is true. And don't even think about it. No, I've had -- I've kind of grown up. I had, you know, when I was younger, I did -- I did have, uh, an afro that was, like, out to here. It was the kind of hair -- A huge handlebar mustache. A huge mustache and big mutton chop side burns. I was wondering why I wasn't getting any work. But, you know, I always wished I had the kind of hair that you could just kind of -- go like that and it would just kind of flip back. Like a pantene commercial. That's it. A slow-mo kind of move. Where your hair just kind of likes, you know, moves in waves. But it never happened. So -- I don't think the people in those commercials have hair that does that. No, they don't. So I think you're good. Oh, then maybe I am. But when you're the funny son of someone who doesn't touch their hair, you just write it into the show. Absolutely. Tell us about that episode. The good thing about having a familial understanding of our relationship is that I know what buttons to press. If I can't press them in real life, I'll write them into the show. So, in our first season, knowing how sensitive he is about his hair, I think it was, like, the second episode or the third episode. I remember it. I wrote my dad's character, Johnny, wakes up to a drip that has been dripping on his head all night. Knowing -- there it is. That's wonderful. Knowing that he would have to act in the scene with just a wet head of hair, which is ultimately his worst nightmare come to life. Uh huh. And I couldn't quite get over it because I'm not that good an actor. I'm curious. How was it growing up with Eugene as your father? Is that payback? I think, yes. I know over weekend that he was -- For my entire high school career. -- He was always grounded too much. Was I not grounded every weekend? No. Not every weekend. And let's just say this. Every other weekend. I could not tell you what I was grounded for. One thing you can't be grounded about is the cast of this show. We have somebody special to the show coming out right now. Catherine. Catherine O'Hara. Come on out, Catherine. Hi. So good to see you again. Look at you. Great to see you. Thank you for joining us. Yes, we've got you right here. Um -- Here, you can hold this if you want to. You can take mine. Thank you so much. We have plenty of these to go around. Do you have cards with other words that I'll be saying? Just the important one. The name of the show you're on. That we can't say. I have one quick question before we go to break in a second. You two have done so much together. I mean from "Sc TV." "Best in show." Oh, I love it. "A mighty wind." Also "For your consideration." At this point, do you finish each other's sentences? It's kind of -- Like that. It's been nice over the years. I guess the answer is no. We get to anticipate, I would say, right? Yes, yes. You're always a surprise, Eugene. You are. In the best way. Yeah, in the best way. Uh huh. I wouldn't claim to know you any better than -- anyone else who has worked with you for 40 years. Well, I was lucky enough to meet you the other night. I was saying -- And I, you. You're a legend. Did you know? I'm sure you know. You're on a stamp in Canada. I am. Do you even have to pay for it? She's like royalty. That's pretty exciting. It doesn't help at the airport or anywhere. That should count as an I.D. Through TSA. But that's just me.

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{"duration":"7:11","description":"Sara's dream comes true when the cast of her favorite show visits GMA Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60447276","title":"'Schitt's Creek' stars Eugene and Dan Levy join Michael and Sara","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/schitts-creek-stars-eugene-dan-levy-join-michael-60447276"}