'Station 19' star Jason George sounds off

The 'Grey's Anatomy' star reveals he married his college sweetheart and originally wanted to be a lawyer.
5:35 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for 'Station 19' star Jason George sounds off
Teaming up the screen as a firefighter and speech in nineteen please welcome. Jason George. How exciting that you gently that day summit that I believe we have they caught me. They called me happy candy that employees on Saturday to play the lifeguard right Grey's Anatomy you're concerned about it. All now you know you're firefighter. Who you're always in these roles that a life savers and yet there are you then. Do people run up to you. Because of these roles and ask you for helping realize. Yet real people think about it as if it's scary look out of a plane went time in somebody had a problem an initial plane they're asking for doctoral over the speaker. Owns it knows I was like not me over the don't look at me individually kicked on a document when they hope that they have the person's issue. Got a plane all the awoken to the airport and won the fight attendants walked and she was like okay now the world open a can do this because I'm a fan of the show and I almost came to you for the I don't about it not look. At least you thought about it could deal will give if I have to help you are in serious trouble. I didn't know and good. I'm always works for anyone like people and you know former dorm of the work music news that a group and am I alone ladies. No we're married with an appeal adults here where you RD in the uniform when your wife I was not look I bust my lady into Los Angeles a lone male college team and that we forever ago we're calling. They're great figure out on an army brat a pregnant and you have three kids in twins I have twins right. So we have a lot economy and millions of us have to be creed with between would you know twins and Michael hook it twins are twice as hard twins alike exponentially harder target square yet. But what's the carpet for minutes and you it's not six and it's it's not enough since its attacks. Cynical partisan arts Lindsay of their the other three little Indians right. I at all could weigh migrants from news from India but that the twins a thing but it is boy girl twins is like. Like this little social experiment yet because there in the same house in the same things all the same friends but they're completely different people yeah and it's amazing to watch him. They seized you. If she pulls out that this been the sight of him where he's real sensitive about things in but he super Smart and she's also like she's my athlete she's super sport she she he. He enjoys like when she schools the kids and basketball court on whom he likes watching like when she fell total public wants us out. My son is obsessed with firemen do any of your kids think it's sold cool that your in uniform you're playing a firefighter they do is actually mean this is like when the first shows in my who's you know. Near the shows get sexy so in general at a party at a fast forward but my daughter loves. He's not ready given since January. Moving through but my especially my daughter they love watching the that actually show yes. In my daughter loves watching these women go toe to toe with these men and literally tell them. I'm going to be better if you goodness yes and then and then put out and actually do it she loves watching because such as resolute the life and that's how she seems to be. It would we love watching you man and in your cellular little bit of a cliffhanger. Your wife Sandra Wilson for Yahoo! will to doctor Bailey. She told you that he'd need it you needed a break a sabbatical at sabbatical so you got an idea that break up. You have to watch. Because it is a thing I mean look what what I love about this and you know this is as the army Brett. Being the family of the first responders a militant people who to put their lives in danger for other people it's hard. Now the unit then it's hard watching it right give it up for all of them. Are. Other people so it it's it's stressful and so I love they're actually treating it with the full respect for those families and loved ones when Beth let's take a look at a clip. Of the show he recap. Anything you need stuck about. Miranda. Asking me to pick. She not only are we not together right now the new movie back to get in get in the future but. Yeah. It's. Not loved by their good. You fix she's taken kind of work through things like you already worked through you know you got what you want I'm good I'm good I'm I want hope. You know and then but let's he has worked through some things. So don't don't treat meats which are to rules. Craig allocated. You're always home here manually that'll usually.

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"The 'Grey's Anatomy' star reveals he married his college sweetheart and originally wanted to be a lawyer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59032895","title":"'Station 19' star Jason George sounds off","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/station-19-star-jason-george-sounds-off-59032895"}