Tony Danza's grandson calls him 'grampy' and we are melting

"Who's the Boss" and "Taxi" star Tony Danza is back on TV with "The Good Cop."
5:55 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for Tony Danza's grandson calls him 'grampy' and we are melting
I bet. And who the boss would I loved and now Tony isn't backing down alongside does Groban and a brand new that the series. Good cop let's take. Ethics in modern police work guest speakers Tony Caruso former detective NYPD and Tony Caruso during a sign me up to speak. Come on and refund double talk for ten minutes in the recent culinary I'm not prepared but still prepared with told him on ethics you big problem becomes. No no not doing any we know he shows some gratitude here. Wasn't easy getting on that panel. Specialty organizer little dough re me. We don't. You bribe to guy to get me on that ethics panel it cost me fifty books. And. Great character and great character big Tony Caruso and you know big in new you look it doesn't mean blog she means senior so people understand that. Pay big Tony to his friends ABK. He actually went to college in Iowa I did and I knew from Iowa right now. We know people are. We know people your best friend when its father chuck and it scent was of was a really good friends of mine in the greatest wrestler Ross when I went to university the University of Dubuque. By the way the that you know if you could spill Dubuque who gave you your room what you degree. Daniel BUQU we high graduate. Though. Always a great school in nature of was the greatest wrestler that food to the school may be have ever had you know he was unbelievable well. You abortive raid here in new York city New York yeah. About that now you're given back to the city it really cool way. While they do given back and what I'm trying to do is I'm I'm bubble to police athletic league even in the city I was a pal kid when I was a kid when my. Mike to beat cop in my neighborhood strongly suggested they should give that a try. But so blue we started a program a few years ago now cooled the panel acting it's like a teen acting program youth development through performance. Here's the slogan. Yeah pal acting because when you teach a kid how to act you can educate had to act anyway so look at this tech ever. Do you think about it dearly if you're an actor Youkilis in you have to you have to be there you have two people in the I have to speak clearly to drop your guard be part of something bigger than yourself. You'll things we have to do in life and so the the program offers kids a chance to. 22 to understand that and to get another perspective on life just another. You know I think it's so much harder beat kids nowadays. You know it could be worth way and I. So. I'm an old guy but when I was a kid ED I knew what it was supposed to because of who I looked it was a model and I knew you know and now on how much for sure the kids. Have have that many great models to look at so we just trying to do that and it's been great get over 200 kids and the newest thing want to do it this is this is my. But that it so we put together a bunch of for the police officers with a cute with the acting kids who remain an ensemble. It's called. The PAL cops and kids chorus. Ten days alone. And they've gone. When I tell you how good New York. It's scary we did the gala the superstar din of flora for pal the other night they honored cardinal Dolan. The kids who people who will you know how Michael you don't so you don't the end of those those dinners have a but he runs yeah. Everybody stay they stayed and watched the kids in the police hit and and it's a lot wanted to get these. These guys around I want you guys to have a mom because who wouldn't wanna see covenant kids singing again. And it. Officer ish yes cop yeah this this is a fun show can you watch it with your family on you know this is what to degree and Brickman who wrote the show really great that wonderful values to create who have monk. Wrote for Letterman and Saturday Night Live usually really brilliant guy but he really was determined to to do we show I mean. Yes there's a murder mystery there is a murder in the show others and that it's a family show. But really I had this this might son called me my son has two boys 713. That would make the grandfather by the way but that's. Flores Perez's little electrical me grippy alike believe they can have fat lip anyway. Anyway he'd anyway so he says simply. Dad I sat down my seven year old son Mike thirteen year old son my wife we what three episodes of the show. He's I can't remember when we all enjoyed nobody was landed on it everybody got some matter. He's I can't remember the last time we set down watch them be together other than a ball game and so it's that the only probable by the way there was one problem. The seven year old Lucas she's quite character he says to blood to it's far leases it debt owed. A we gonna go see Graham for New York a decent idea because they were in LA and he species you sanctions is he going to be out of jail by then. Wonderful country. Gary good movement good. You know what you star alongside guys grow big your finger yourself if you actually think things song. For yet for this show but you also you wanted to be Iraq. What ha. I do regret that I wanted to be a rapper and I just had little to eagle. Indeed Charlie you know we take it Donald visas catalyst catalyst Kim vetoes you'll like it ever. Actually and any Eddie Eddie if you go on line if you go on Google and and Google. The People's Choice Awards Toni did he you'll see it and I play at this it I have little to wriggle his. You know you've heard of oh vote Vanilla Ice yet. I'm Italian ice wouldn't. Whether do you remember heavy. Peaceful journey what is a friend for the region through pool kind of like a map but we it was before afraid to tell you think it would sell another. So in essence get the free ride if you go. How. Got to get a new one the here on home. I don't know really. Noting then there. It in the good cop could give it up Netflix right now exceeds that.

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{"duration":"5:55","description":"\"Who's the Boss\" and \"Taxi\" star Tony Danza is back on TV with \"The Good Cop.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58411177","title":"Tony Danza's grandson calls him 'grampy' and we are melting","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/tony-danzas-grandson-calls-grampy-melting-58411177"}