Tory Johnson's Deals & Steals: Solutions for everyday problems

Johnson has partnered with some incredible companies to bring you deals on the BeepEgg, Smart Sizzors, BrowMarkers and more.
4:54 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for Tory Johnson's Deals & Steals: Solutions for everyday problems
As always, we have partnered with companies to bring incredible savings. Tory, what do we have first? I'm so excited it's the three of us. The three of you plus me. This is a super cool company. It's called beep egg. For people who like eggs and you like to cook eggs or boil eggs, a lot of times there is an issue with, like, undercooked, overcooked eggs. Yes. So if you pop one of these in while you boil -- do this. No. This is a -- this is an audio tester. Push the button on top. So that's one of them. When that song comes on, it's going to tell you that your egg is soft boiled. Next song, medium boiled. You can press -- you can test too. You can test it too. So soft, medium, hard boiled. It's going to give you the perfect temperature with the timer. It's super smart and you get to, like, dance with it. Don't make me separate you two. Normally 20 bucks. Today, they are $10. Perfectly cooked eggs every time. So another problem in the kitchen is spoiled snacks. Yes. So you open the bag and you have eaten something and you put it back in the counter. Next time you go, it's stale. So this gripstic allows you to slide it right on and keep these snacks perfect every single time. I need this. This one is to carry bags up to 50 pounds. 50 po cat litter, salt for the sidewalk. They come in two different sets. You get 12 or 3 depending on the set you choose. Normally $19 to $20, but today slashed in half. So $8 to $10. In the kitchen. Dull knives. That's a scissor that does a lot of cool things. Let Nikki use the scissors. Yes. That could cut -- you can cut cardboard or plastic. You could even -- Oh. I need that. That's strong. You can crack nuts, open a bottle. Those scissors do every single thing. This sharpener -- It's the James bond of scissors. This is going to sharpen your knives. It's suctioned in on purpose and just a few slices like that and you have got a sharp knife. Careful. Careful. There are so many cool things from this company. Everything that's going to make your kitchen more efficient, right? Dull knives are no fun. Normally these range from $16 to $30. Today they are slashed in half, $8 to 15 bucks. Okay. This might be my favorite ever. Feel that. This is called heat holders. Put your hand inside that, Nikki. Get that one. Feel the inside of that. These are heat holders. They have a thermal lining. Feel that. I'm taking these home. I'm going to feel them later. Okay. The hat, the glo these are seriously the warmest things ever. Can you feel the lining in there? You saw the lining in that hat. We're ready to head outside. Normally these range from 10 to 20 bucks depending on what you choose. What's the deal? They are slashed in half to $5 to $10 for heat holders. Jambu, these are sensible shoes. Two reasons they are sensible, they have this phenomenal traction so you will be steady and not slippery on the sidewalk. That's very important. Very important, and they have got these amazing insoles so your feet are going to be comfortable. Comfort all day is key. Memory foam? Yes. With these particular shoes. All these styles, and so many more colors that you will find online. No more achy feet. They are normally $79. Today, they are slashed in half, $39.50. Okay. We have one more, Tory. Finally -- thank you. Thank you. Slip and fall in here. Touchback. So this is what you use between salon visits when you have got gray showing that you don't necessarily want. We should do that for Michael. I don't need this. It's okay, Michael. That little marker, it covers the gray instantly. So between so -- salon visits, look at that. All these different shades. Sara, different shades. We also have a brow marker. If you want fuller, more beautiful brows and you need help with it, touchback is for you. Normally $20 to $25, and they are slashed in half. $10 to $12.50. The best. You cannot beat that. Tory Johnson, you do it again,

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{"duration":"4:54","description":"Johnson has partnered with some incredible companies to bring you deals on the BeepEgg, Smart Sizzors, BrowMarkers and more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61022700","title":"Tory Johnson's Deals & Steals: Solutions for everyday problems","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/tory-johnsons-deals-steals-solutions-everyday-problems-61022700"}