Tracy Morgan on his modeling career, 'The Last O.G.' and his love for Atlanta

Sara and Paula Faris welcome the hilarious comedian to Times Square.
13:37 | 05/02/19

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Transcript for Tracy Morgan on his modeling career, 'The Last O.G.' and his love for Atlanta
his iconic roles on shows like "Saturday night live," "30 rock", one of my favorites, and "Martin." He's also the star and executive producers of the hit comedy, "The last O.G." What's wrong with being a barber? Growing up that was one of the most prestigious positions in the neighborhood. You had the teacher, the preacher, then the barber, and then on top of all that, you had to do that dunk over a car. I get it, I get all that but come on, we're talking about my son here so. This is how our boy used to look. A haircut is not a religious calling, trey. Josh, please don't tell me that you're jelly because I introduced him to something I was interested in. That's ridiculous. You're being petty. Please welcome the always hilarious Tracy Morgan. Ladies. Ladies. Let me come over here. "Tracy!" From the audience. That's right. Welcome, welcome. What a way for me to spend my morning, hanging out with y'all. How about that. And your afternoon. That's right. We have a question we've been asking people. I know you've heard prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting a baby next week. Right. And there is a chance that prince Harry may not be there. Ain't no chance. That's your baby. I was going to ask you -- You be there, money. That's your baby ain't nothing in the world -- I seen all my kids born. Nothing in the world was going to stop that. There's no line no matter what? I'm not even going to think about that. That's my child. You was there when it was made. Right. You had fun making it. We hope you were there. You had fun making it. You got to be there. That's a blessing. Congratulations, my love. Thank you very much. Right on. And her husband will be there. That's right. He will. He better be. Or else he's going to hear from Tracy. Yeah, true. I just got that look. You right. That's a Morgan scowl. Okay, is this your zoolander pose because I heard that before you were an actor and comedian you were a male model. Oh yeah. That's when I was in commercials. Can you give us some of your best looks. I went commercial. Look. I think we have a photo. We have some photos of you. Oh, my gosh. You used your mother's makeup as well when you were younger. Yeah. What is up with that mustache, Tracy? That was me. They used to call me chocolate. You beautiful chocolate thing. You were -- I was sweet like man meat. Sweet like Alexander meat. Is it true you were also almost in new edition? Yeah. You ain't see that pose? I mean, that goes without saying. I looked like I could have sang "Candy girl." I am one of the founding fathers of new edition because they're from Boston and I remember when I was ten years old and visited my aunt. Me and Bobby became friends. We were standing in front of the projects in Boston and I said to Bobby, I said you know what, we should start a group. This dude walked off and I never saw him again. I want my money, Bobby. He took your idea is what happened. I want my cut. I want my cut. So obviously you've got the look. You're the male model. Candy girl We have some music of yours, don't we? No, no, no. We want him to sing for us live. "Candy girl." Come on. Woo us, please. Okay, okay. Just sing to the baby. Chances are, though I wear a silly grin that's it. I'm under contract in Vegas. I'm under contract in Vegas, not to sing but to clean up the casino. Oh stop it. I think of your comedy all the time and now every time I hear music I will think of that beautiful voice. Thanks, thank you. But now you have a cookbook. Yeah. I burn in the kitchen. "The last O.G." Cookbook. Women love a man that can cook. They do. I just don't give my wife no competition. So she doesn't cook? No, she don't get on the stage when I do comedy and I don't go in the kitchen when she cooking. Staying in the lane. I stay in my lane, baby. My wife can throw down too though. She cooked me -- last night she showed her love because the most important ingredient in any meal is love. I once broke up with a girl because she messed up the cream of wheat. The back of the box says just add water. How do you mess this up? Why does it smell like that? And why is it green? And your chicken tastes like wood. Didn't you also say you kind of knew that a relationship was going to end over some macaroni? Oh, yeah, yeah. I broke up with -- I told you the most important ingredient is love and I knew it was over when the macaroni came out of a box. See? No. She needs to bake my macaroni. My wife love me because last night she made me lasagne with six different cheeses. Are you kidding? I love you. Can you tell us some of your favorite recipes and can you come back and prepare them? I can tell you what I made last week. I made pork and bean casserole, pork and bean and hot dog casserole because I got the idea, I watched "True grit." That's why they call me Tracy Morgan, aka rooster Cogburn. You cook the pork and beans. It got to be Campbell's pork and beans out of the can. You put some brown sugar in there, put a little yellow mustard in there. You cook it and you fry Nathan's hot dogs. Oh, yes. They can't be hebrew. They can't be hebrew. You chop it up into little pieces, put in the pork and beans, put it in the pan, put it in the oven and then you put some cheddar cheese on top of it. Where does the love come in? When do you add the love? Because I'm cooking and I'm thinking about her. I love that. That's in here though. I saw the lasagna. All of it's in here. Yeah. It's the real deal. Will you come back and cook for us some time? You want me to do that? Yeah. I'll do it. I don't want nobody's jealous husband coming after me. No, no. We've got a lot more with Tracy Morgan when we come back. Don't leave us yet. 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Shoutout to Tiffany haddish, Cedric the entertainer, and, you know, Tracy Ashley. These are all the writers. My writers are my babies. I love my writers room. You're the E.P. Of the show? Huh? You're the E.P. Of the show as well? Yeah. It comes from my life. It is inspired by -- My life. That leads me to the question, you do such a great job of balancing reality with the funny. Well, we only do that because we think outside the box. I've always been outside the box. Y'all see that. That box with my imagination and my personality, that box is too small for me. I'm not conditioned -- I'm not going to be in the system. I live my life. That's why you got to be there for your child's birth, homey. That was right towards Harry. That was to prince Harry right there. Whatever you're doing can wait. That baby, whether you ready or not, that baby is on his way. No, but mother's day is coming up. Yeah, but mother's day -- I

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{"duration":"13:37","description":"Sara and Paula Faris welcome the hilarious comedian to Times Square.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"62781682","title":"Tracy Morgan on his modeling career, 'The Last O.G.' and his love for Atlanta","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/tracy-morgan-modeling-career-og-love-atlanta-62781682"}