Whoopi Goldberg wants her 'Nobody's Fool' hair to have its own Instagram

The "Ghost" star revealed what comedian she wishes she got to work with, and her emotional reaction to seeing Robin Williams' family.
6:39 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for Whoopi Goldberg wants her 'Nobody's Fool' hair to have its own Instagram
Perry's new hilarious comedy "Nobody's fool." Alongside Tiffany haddish and tika sumpter. We'll look at a clip. I'll pick her up after work, and we'll be by your house by 6:00. What are you bringing her to my house for? Mommy. Do you realize the last time she stayed with me all my copper was gone? I don't know how she got it out the wall. I don't know how she got it out my toaster. My QVC toaster, my favorite toaster. You said she was clean. I meant she was clean enough to go to your house. Everybody -- everybody's talking about this movie. "Nobody's fool," which I loved. I loved it. It was written and directed by Tyler Perry, and we have to talk about your hair though. The first time I saw you pop up on the screen, I was, like, I know that dude. That looks like back home for me. That's back home for a lot of people. That's a lot of people. That's some people we know and love just down the street. You don't have the nerve to tell them. Well, they will see it. And the young man that works over at "The view," Derek Monroe, built that for me. Because Tyler said, well, what do you want to do with your hair? I said, I don't know. I'll send you some things, and Derek said, what do you want to do? I said, well, make it look like this and like this and let's play. He came in with three things and I said, that's the one right there, and we put it on and shot all three for Tyler. And the hair grows during the movie. It just -- it seems to -- it seems to be very fluffy. And the blonde is so natural. That's right, and then it gets a little crooked. It's a whole thing. You see what I'm doing. It's like a separate character. That's right. We want it to have its own following on Instagram. I can help with that. But Tiffany haddish can't stop talking about how it was a dream come true to work with you and she said she is glad god listened when she prayed. Who was that person for you in your career? I have to tell you it was a lot of people. It was a whole bunch of folks. All the women that I was with in all the movies I have done, but more than anything, it was somebody I didn't get to work with. Richard prior. Oh. I wanted really to do something with Richard, you know, and gene because I thought gene and Richard and myself might be fun together, but it was not to happen. They made some great movies together. They made some wonderful movies. You also -- Steven Spielberg, too. Well, when you get the opportunity -- when somebody who actually knows what they are doing, which is why I loved making this movie because this movie was made in ten days. Fast. Yeah. So fast. Because the man who made it, he wrote it, he directed it, he edited it. He is the head of the studio who -- so he can use six cameras to shoot whatever he needs to shoot and he shoots like this. He knows what he wants and then he says, okay. I got it. Now go fly. He has supplied work to 72,000 people as of now in Atlanta. I mean, it's amazing. Not only that, but I love Steven. In the studio, he does all that, but he is accessible and he is human, and he is a good individual. You spoke so highly of tika sumpter in this movie as well. She is fantastic. People know her from the soaps and they know her from different films. This is, for her, I feel is a game changer because this is such a universal movie. People always say, oh, it's a Tyler Perry movie. It must be a black film. This film is everybody in this room. Let's start getting in that headset and then everything is inclusive. We don't have to worry about what's going on outside of us. We can be inclusive amongst ourselves. It will make you feel every emotion possible. Yeah. I was having a lot of feelings the other night when I came to an event where you were honored with the legacy of laughter, the second annual robin Williams award. I was so proud of you, but that was a very emotional night. Yeah, you know. It's so funny because I love Glen close and Glen has started this thing called bring change to mind so people started talking about mental health issues, and she has been really great with it, and robin's family has become involved in it, and I have been working with her for probably ten years now on this. So when I realized I was getting the award, I was, like, okay. It just -- okay. I marked it on the calendar, that's when I'm getting it. So I get there and I'm looking and I see all of robin's family and I'm, like, oh, that's nice. They came out for me. And I'm sitting there, sitting there and they say, and the recipient of the second robin Williams award and I was, like, oh. Oh. That's right. I hadn't prepared myself for it. So I was looking at robin's sons, two of robin's sons and I couldn't -- I couldn't catch my breath because I have known them since they were, you know, little babies. They are my family, you know? You could tell from how they introduced you. I could not -- I couldn't -- I'm still not there yet. I'm not over that, and neither is the family, but I -- I just -- I, you know, it was hard, so it took me about 15 minutes to just say, hi. That's no joke. She got up there and her voice cracked and everyone started crying. I couldn't do it. Understandably so though. Understandably so, and we have got to say a very happy birthday. November 13th is your birthday. Yes. We are both skorp sdsh -- scorpios. That's right. So thank you for being here. Thanks for coming, whoopi. Listen. Let me come back. I'm really -- Let you come back? I'm really glad. You better be careful. Be careful what you ask for. You'll be popping out of that desk. I -- listen. I adore this woman so much, and, you know, I go back with you. I love you. I love you. I'll come play with y'all any

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"The \"Ghost\" star revealed what comedian she wishes she got to work with, and her emotional reaction to seeing Robin Williams' family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59060563","title":"Whoopi Goldberg wants her 'Nobody's Fool' hair to have its own Instagram","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/whoopi-goldberg-nobodys-fool-hair-instagram-59060563"}