The world's longest flight took off from Singapore to New York

Would you last 19 hours on an airplane?
1:58 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for The world's longest flight took off from Singapore to New York
as well. And you fly a lot? Not a lot. But a decent amount. A decent amount. What's the longest flight you've ever taken? It was to New Zealand, so it was -- Oh. How long is that? I don't remember. How long is that flight? Anybody gone to New Zealand? Fonsi, how long to new Zealand. Ask siri. 22 1/2 hours. Ask siri. I'm guessing. Anyone know -- No, everybody here is from New York. They've never gone anywhere. Okay, okay. But the world's longest flight is now available. 19 straight hours in the air. Wow. 19 straight hours. You go from liberty -- from Shanghai or Singapore to Newark liberty airport so from Singapore to New Jersey. Do they serve snacks? Of course, they better serve more than snacks. 19 straight hours. You take off at 11:35 P.M. Singapore time. You arrive at 6:00 A.M. What's the longest flight you've taken? I don't know. I go to California every weekend so I kind of add all those up. I spend about 10, 11 hours a week on a plane just on the weekends. But that's not that long to me. I like it because it's quiet. I can be quiet. I can watch movies. I can catch up. Nobody can reach me on the phone and if they can, I ignore it like I'm not -- I can't be reached. You can always say you don't have wi-fi. Yeah, I could say that but I do have wi-fi. I just put it out there but that is pretty amazing. 19 hours. It's amazing that a plane can fly to me. Every time I see a plane, I'm like, whoa, that's really amazing but 19 hours. What do you do for 19 hours on a plane? Watch really good movies so I definitely need some comedies. There's got to be "Bridesmaids." Maybe a sad movie because I like to toy with my own emotions. I like to laugh a little, cry a little then come back again. There's got to be snacks. When they started taking them off and like pay for me my snack, I'm stuck in a seat where my legs don't move and I'm

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{"duration":"1:58","description":"Would you last 19 hours on an airplane?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58437269","title":"The world's longest flight took off from Singapore to New York","url":"/GMA/GMA_Day/video/worlds-longest-flight-off-singapore-york-58437269"}