Airbnb customer finds hidden camera in apartment

After a tourist says he came across an alarming discovery at his Miami Airbnb, "GMA" discusses how to protect yourself while on vacation.
2:32 | 01/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Airbnb customer finds hidden camera in apartment
We move on to our "Gma" cover story. Hid. Camera dangers. One bnb vacationer found them in the place he booked. Marci Gonzalez is here with tips. Reporter: Good morning. This is really alarming. Our security expert says the technology just so advanced now. These cameras could be placed anywhere. He walks us through where to look and how to spot something out of place like this guy did. An unsettling discovery inside this airbnb. Max vest checking into this apartment. Fining these small black boxes plugged in. I wasn't sure what they were. I unplugged them. Found out they were hidden cameras. Reporter: Vest finding memory cards inside those cameras. Taking them to Miami police. Saying they're trying to identify people seen in recordings on those cards. You want to see are there items in a room, a prommerty, that shouldn't be there. Reporter: Former FBI special agent Steve Gomez says when you arrive, immediately do a quick check. Check every closet. Every room. Every nook and cranny to see what is inside. Because you want to know what is in here if I'm going to be staying here for one night or five nighs. Reporter: There are detecters you can buy to alert you of recording devices. He says you can also visually inspect electronics. And smoke detectors. Where this couple found pinhole cameras in their rbnb come doe in Florida in 2017. They found two cameras recording audio and HD video in the home, including over the bed. They're wifi capable. Reporter: Airbnb policy requires them to disclose cameras. And prohibits them in bedrooms. This host has been removed from our community. The company is now working to refund vest for the reservation. You should feel comfortable when you rent that you're not being watched in the privacy of the bedroom. Reporter: Our security expert says if you think there might be a hidden device yurks can use tape to cover up possible camera openings. Or for something like a clock radio, unplug it and put it in a drawer. If you do find a camera the owner didn't disclose, call police. It's a scary one. It is. Let turn to "Bachelor" news.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"After a tourist says he came across an alarming discovery at his Miami Airbnb, \"GMA\" discusses how to protect yourself while on vacation. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60517821","title":"Airbnb customer finds hidden camera in apartment","url":"/GMA/Living/video/airbnb-customer-finds-hidden-camera-apartment-60517821"}