How a nurse cared for her sick father while coping with xenophobia

For Karen Lam, a nurse at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, N.Y., going to work was only half the battle.
6:08 | 06/17/20

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Transcript for How a nurse cared for her sick father while coping with xenophobia
This is especially hard because a lot of sick patients. You don't think. Part. I'm scared I'm really scared. I'm scared because her hand equipment I'm scared that upping the virus home to hand me and I can't because they're on hand and leaders. Particularly if it because it's. My 66 year old father went to come down corona virus acquired ventilated him Hank. And we can't they do not want to come into contact with me after coming home from work tonight news. And. My a little section of the houses separated from the rest of the house. In this. Garbage bags air underneath perhaps Merck and basically. Acting and hospital taxes. And in. 4 PM. Overnight hours into the ship's ends today it's the first time that I eat today because now. Our being at work and my mom was texting me and the hate it. I day. It but the theory and thank you OK. And he he found super health. OK. Fine. Do you think it. You know of course the first thing that popped into mind is okay and yet the crime is the current. Oh and everything the cove in nineteen pandemic started there has been an increase in brown attacked her the Asian community because of various. Concedes. Misconception. That the nicest made me put it. For my close friends. Have had loved one pass easily from her. They iron. Tennessee. But I am Judy back. Eatery. I think rainy. What if he truly believed that. My people Chinese people. Her responsible for the loved and. My mom to start monitoring temperature. And for that first week all we really didn't just blocks he didn't really start feeling any other symptoms and the end of the first week. Keep monitoring him he looks great he looks fine. And then the fifteenth. And that kind. One. Eight. Moms that he could picture of me just kind. Who only counts. Called and restaurants and he gets on the phone he's sounding like. A little was heard he says he's just. That's a little weak bond very very tired and other days after a check up on them. Generic could have been on him to it is okay to cook and her car as so worried. Gun control guilty. Who went. I did. We're almost. Beat you we get a half almost two weeks ended. And the fatigue just gets worse. I'm listening to his. But at the scope and now I hear a little bit of the cult crackle using that is fluid in the lungs. End my opinion that was. And took into an urgent care got a chest X ray and fortunately express extreme didn't show me. Multi level bar Ramon basically known until. And he got this person into about a day. We might call. And he started his ten days into Carson duck Clinton house at this point out okay he can get. He didn't get better. You would think 87 out of ten and he still. I'm so tired. But he finally. Taking permanent guts and legal line. For the first time in two weeks yeah. He walked for about ten minutes he came back with a Constant Contact and he slept there last night but I took as a win in my book. And that can give me a little wind up. We're on the road to recovery. Everything that they were he took a lot he's been fully maturity. And getting better and I remember in my mama's going on Christiane. Cookies so again another would in my book. If you're creating junk food you are getting. And now I think it's been. Close to a month and presenting symptoms and my dad is back to one wrong. There every. Right on him. He was seeing how my mom's cooking with Steve thought he. Ends. In May not even you hound because. The couple weeks ago. He wasn't there well. And I don't. He really is one.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"For Karen Lam, a nurse at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx, N.Y., going to work was only half the battle. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71308956","title":"How a nurse cared for her sick father while coping with xenophobia ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/chinese-american-nurse-cared-sick-father-coping-xenophobia-71308956"}