Coupon queen teaches others how to save money on TikTok

Though TikTok is popular with teens, for Katie Swanson, it’s become a platform to offer lessons on how to save a few bucks on store purchases.
4:34 | 10/16/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Coupon queen teaches others how to save money on TikTok
taking social media by storm so it's described as a video sharing app that connects you with -- to people with similar interests. Thousands of chapels covering dozens of topics including couponing and this is a story we first saw in "Money" magazine and Becky Worley is here with break it down for us those not cool enough to understand what it is. Tiktok, yeah, it's all of the user generated videos that people make and the hottest, goofiest most intense clips float to the top. But in the midst of all that outrageous content our informational videos and they're offering good advice. We're looking specifically at one mom who is using tiktok to teach others how to save big in the new world of couponing. I used to be so beautiful Where you can show off your dance moves. Or even your gardening skills. You just leave the top growth. Reporter: Now tiktok users are sharing and watching tips on how to save serious cash. A many coupon Katie. This is where I show you how it's done. Reporter: She's teaching her followers to save money with the use of coupons and everyday deals. Who wants free stuff? All those inspiring to be couponers, I have the deal for you. Reporter: But you didn't expect to find it on tiktok. I was surprised. I thought tiktok was for teenagers and could care less about saving money. Reporter: editor Julia glum says it's the There is an audience that is super engaged in wanting to learn how to save money. I think these tiktok coupon lessons almost are an easy to consume way to kind of dip your toe into it. Reporter: The fast-paced app is ideal for the kind of callout videos that Katie posts. Okay, you guys need to run, not walk, run to target right now. Keeping a mix of silly. Good for your soul. Reporter: And inform TV clips on her feat. This is the number. Reporter: While her advice is tried and true. I recommend printing out every single store's coupon policy. A lot of time cash sheeshs don't know what they're talking about and remind them what corporate policy is in case you hit a snag. Reporter: She's educating a whole new generation on the value of a dollar. I do think that I have maybe put a spin on couponing and I think it's attracting a lot more young people into the couponing world that, hey, couponing is not dorky, it's not lame. It's actually something interesting and neat and different. Reporter: Really useful info in a really new format. It really is. Okay, but say you haven't figured out tiktok, you found other apps that can help you save money. There are new apps. One I like is price waiter. This turns the whole internet into Ebay because you bid on items and can get them for less than than the manufacturer's price and even less than the lowest price you'll find online. We bid on a keyboard and we found it for $69 off the manufacturer's price, $49 off the Amazon price and that was all by bidding. We did this same on one of those massagers that are really popular. We got $79 off of the lowest price we could find online so this is priceless That's great. Another one here. I was reading about this one this morning. It's called snip snap. Monica is a couponer extraordinaire, taking pictures and it solves two problems. One it gets rid of all these pieces of paper floating around the wallet if you're trying to be a serious couponer and it puts it all on your phone but digitizes them so other people can use your coupon and you can use the coupons that they put in. Good deal. She just digitized one. Good job. You did a great job. My purse is filled with these in particular. Very smart. You've got one more. If you missed out on savings you say it doesn't matter. You can still save some money. This one is perfect for me. Lack of prior planning is like my motto. You do afterwards called I bought-a and take a picture of your receipt. What I do, I've got the receipt of things, I didn't use any coupons while there but it takes a photo and then it scans to see if there are any cash back or manufacturer incentives and it credits it to your account. Ooh. Cha-ching. Really smart. I ibotta. Tomorrow we'll learn more on how one doctor is using it to educate users on the dangers of

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Though TikTok is popular with teens, for Katie Swanson, it’s become a platform to offer lessons on how to save a few bucks on store purchases.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66312403","title":"Coupon queen teaches others how to save money on TikTok","url":"/GMA/Living/video/coupon-queen-teaches-save-money-tiktok-66312403"}