Deacon the Goldendoodle is ‘GMA’ Pet of the Week

Deacon makes a big difference in the life of his Army veteran dad.
4:02 | 01/24/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deacon the Goldendoodle is ‘GMA’ Pet of the Week
Today we're going to meet our very first pet of the it's deacon, the goldendoodle. Look at the picture his parents submitted to us. This patriotic pup, the story behind it is so beautiful. He makes a huge difference in the life of his army vet dad. Take a look. 85 pounds of bounding unbridled love. There you go, boy. That's deacon in a nutshell. We are crazy about him and he's crazy about us. Reporter: The 3-year-old goldendoodle a force of nature keeping empty nesters Dana and Marty martin on their toes. He is a kindred spirit of mine. He knows when I'm happy. He knows when I had a rough day. Reporter: He isn't just their best friend. He's such a blessing in every aspect. He doesn't care what's going on. He just loves you unconditionally. He economies our family. Reporter: The Martins say their beloved four-legged friend entered their lives when they needed him most. Life was lonely without deacon and I can't imagine life without him now. Reporter: For Marty an army vet who spent 22 years on active duty and now struggles with sleep deacon is the ultimate comfort. Sometimes I may get a bit anxious and he reads that and comes up to me and puts his head under my hand and is like it's going to be all right, pops. Reporter: Deacon has a purpose. Good boy. Reporter: And the Martins have peace of mind. Life doesn't get any better than right now. Deacon makes the world a better place. Deacon so deserves this. Audience, are you ready to meet the big guy. Deacon, Dana, come on out. yeah. Hi, how are you? Mwah. Hi. Happy to see. You thank you for having us. Deacon, get over here, you big cutie. Oh, my. I love him. I feel so comforted already. Oh, good. Dana, we're sorry your husband couldn't be here today. It's because of logistics but tell us a little about the difference he's made in your husband. What do you see? He just is a stress reliever. He -- there's no anxiety when deacon is around. He's in tune with what you're feeling. Maybe you're sick or stressed out. He just knows and makes it better. He does, definitely. What a difference for an army vet who's given so much of his life for our country. He needs it. Yeah, yeah, and he really does and it's just a comforting -- Deacon would like you to scratch him. Yes, belly. We want to thank your husband for his service because being an army wife. Thank you. It's not an easy job. It's not just you and your husband. How is deacon with the kids. He makes coming to our house a lot more fun. You are know, we're empty nesters and we, you know, he He's a child. He is. He is the fur baby and he comes and the grandkids come over to swim and he plays lifeguard. He wants to protect them and then he'll steal their food afterwards, of course. But he's just a joy. He really is. He is a joy for us. He is beautiful. Because of that we would like to honor deacon with our very first pet of the week medal. Oh, that is awesome. Yes. Thank you for beg a joy to your army dad. Is this thank you so much. What do you think deacon would say about this special I know he would be honored. He is honored and he feels blessed. Yes, he feels blessed to be here. And, yeah, he loves New York. He loved the squirrels in central park and there's a little lack of grass here but other than that, I think he could be a new Yorker for sure. Well, we're so happy. He's welcome here any time. A big baby.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Deacon makes a big difference in the life of his Army veteran dad. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68501213","title":"Deacon the Goldendoodle is ‘GMA’ Pet of the Week","url":"/GMA/Living/video/deacon-goldendoodle-gma-pet-week-68501213"}