How dogs have helped 'hoomans' during the pandemic

Shelley Ross' book, "Scruffy," celebrates a dog's life in lockdown, as the number of pet adoptions has increased exponentially amid COVID-19.
2:49 | 09/29/20

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Transcript for How dogs have helped 'hoomans' during the pandemic
And that's with sideways rain Little man Lukas, pooches and the pandemic. Because, dog, they have been our lifeline during this difficult time. Yes. My little man Lukas was a great comfort in the home studio and bodyguard there. Lara, you know a thing or two about that as well, don't you? Are you this one needs an agent. No, not taking the notes on cue. I mean, they are so important to us at all times but with the pandemic has come such a huge increase in pet adoptions as people everywhere look for new buddies at home. These new family members have shared their love and raised our spirits in ways that we'll remember for a long time to come. A big dose of puppy love and so many around the country adopted and fostered dogs, the aspca saw a nearly 70% increase compared to last year. Now account scruffy" documents You get to see a window instead our lives with our dogs during the lockdown. Reporter: The book shows how as we quarantined we attempted to groom our dogs creating hilarious haircuts. Some were good, some were very good and some led to this wacky gallery of pandemic dog haircuts. Reporter: It showcases photos of flof or fur clippings reimagined. It was a met father for for the entire pandemic experience. It was these dog owners and lovers saying, we're inventive. We're resilient. And we all tried our best. Reporter: With all that love and floof, helping contribute to the flip side of 2020. 100% profit going to scientific research to help end suffering from coronavirus. What a great cause. Thanks to our friend Shelly Ross. This book is a great idea and such a true celebration of these guys like riva who has a constant companion and looks for her chair to sit next to me when the lights are on. Guys, preorder your order for a great cause and hide all your beloved pets. Riva does need an agent. She is a star. I have the book. It is so, so adorable. Did anybody attempt to cut your dog's hair? No, he is scruffy just like the book.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Shelley Ross' book, \"Scruffy,\" celebrates a dog's life in lockdown, as the number of pet adoptions has increased exponentially amid COVID-19.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73307077","title":"How dogs have helped 'hoomans' during the pandemic","url":"/GMA/Living/video/dogs-helped-hoomans-pandemic-73307077"}