Easy ways to upgrade your kitchen for the holidays

Dave White from The Home Depot shares three simple DIY ways to cook up a new look in any kitchen.
3:23 | 12/09/19

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Transcript for Easy ways to upgrade your kitchen for the holidays
The how kitchen is part of the home. But if you feel like yours needs a little refresh the holidays Dave light is here from our sponsor the whole deep south. A new look starting with the back splash which a lot of people think who that's gonna cost a lot of money. I think it's going to be really do harm all the analysts say now let's do not know where we're here system make getting things done really really easy so I've got to really great tip for you attach to the backs flies again to make a huge difference. We have. Appeal instead mosaic tile. Cry a couple of that so this is a marble tile in this literally appeal in six or you feel the backing off fifty. Just like that. And first even would do was ordered the tile of course anti psychotic and thought got that would easy way to yeah. On our behalf so I ask you have a project calculator. You put in your dimensions of the tells you exactly how much how to order Friday then you can order you can pick it up in store or have delivered through. Yeah I just water releases water with a little so and the reason you put this on there is a gives you a few seconds to set that tile up. Before it did really really sticks in the place. I mean look how easy this as well forget this you're gonna come in here. I'm just so totally depends on what you've got on your tile that best to have this the surface there have been many cases you knew right on top of whatever you have a great. There you go out I. I'm free market slip leather glove right now trying to do not. Things got. You guys have a great selection and really does make a difference. It's accused ever and this is a project we can all get are a hand belonged. Sorry. Serious this is one of the simplest do it yourself project and one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a difference in your company out. This is what you need to do brass is really loving the moment now right grasses and right so so his what you do you go you measure your opening one senator senator yeah. You don't want to have you can feel bad if you want to get a different not you don't have to Indy Hornish GOP to go crazy but if you want the quick fix yup measure that go on the aft and you can put in those dimensions and only search for. Than the knobs are handles to have that dimension and it's so easy to put in the Nikkei sound like this app really awesome you can even have them delivered right to union after going. Lawson and if I'm right and lookout could get. The all the difference while. Really quickening just unemployed touch on this is they don't have a ton of time but we all think about really repainting are cabinet. You say quick fix is just to be inside you written about me the inside of the canyon drive just a sentence glass there's that result right there they go. The crime or do. I know that The Home Depot also sells paved with Primerica so that's one's vision and so you so you don't have to do you think a little prep and in a little paint and look at that his office. Okay. He's Home Depot have makes it so easy as you just heard DIY essentials. That you need you could have been delivered ready for pick up at the store with in there hours so great thank you for being here.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Dave White from The Home Depot shares three simple DIY ways to cook up a new look in any kitchen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67591879","title":"Easy ways to upgrade your kitchen for the holidays","url":"/GMA/Living/video/easy-ways-upgrade-kitchen-holidays-67591879"}