Festive Halloween decor from around the country

These detailed and spooky decorations will help get you in the Halloween spirit.
2:16 | 10/31/20

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Transcript for Festive Halloween decor from around the country
watch out, boy Welcome back to "Gma." We've been counting down T Halloween all month long, and it's finally here. Now we're getting you in the Halloween spirit with some sensational Halloween decor from around the country. Take a look. From Brittany fears' hair-raising display in Frisco, Texas, to the Barnhart family in Washington, D.C., "Gma" bravely spanned the country to bring some of the ghastliest creations to your home. In Rhode Island, hundreds of socially distant ghouls and goblins visit this exact repli of the Michael Myers house from the classic "Halloween" movies. If you want to decorate and avoid all the cleanup, just use projection mapping like Jeff Baird in Lehigh, Utah. 14 projectors for the weekend show. Reporter: He and his son created this mind-bending projection display. Not to be outdone Lisa Trujillo and her son Michael completely transformed their garage into this haunted trail. And if displays that are larger than life are your thing, then look no further than Tony's display.he built a 50-foot pirate ship equipped with 20-foot masts and 6 cannons that light up and blast far. And in Florida, Jerry mottid calls his yard darkness falls equipped with live actors, lights and props. Just be careful of this guy. The burfein family in San Jose managed to put on a display and kept in mind social distancing guidelines. The little ones, their smiles make it all worth it. You have just crossed over into the twilight zone. Reporter: We can't forget about Tim Tom, the anesthesiologist from Nevada who is a huge fan of the tower of terror ride at Walt Disney world. After an entire year of construction, he transformed his sunroom down to every last creepy detail. -- Of "The twilight zone." And as we keep the Halloween celebration going this morning, we're about to debut our own Halloween costumes, but first,

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"These detailed and spooky decorations will help get you in the Halloween spirit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73942144","title":"Festive Halloween decor from around the country","url":"/GMA/Living/video/festive-halloween-decor-country-73942144"}