Inspiring newlyweds get the surprise of a lifetime

After receiving a heartbreaking diagnosis just days before their wedding, Ben and Megan Bardon receive a honeymoon getaway.
4:56 | 01/18/20

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Transcript for Inspiring newlyweds get the surprise of a lifetime
Greg, thank you very much. Time for Saturday spirit. A segment where we inject a little inspiration into your weekend. Last year a young woman by the name of Megan Badon was putting the finishing touches on her wedding plans. And then ten days before the big day, she received a heartbreaking diagnosis. But through it all, she and her husband Ben learned the strength of their love. Take a look. It's one of the happiest moments of a person's life. But as Megan and Ben Badon exchanged their vows in April they were bracing for a health battle. I got emotional because I knew what we were facing. It's not typical for a newlywed couple to go straight into something like this. Just ten days before the wedding the then 29-year-old bride-to-be diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. They asked me if I wanted to call somebody to come up there and sit with me and I knew. This aggressive form of cancer required them to act fast. The doctors recommending that the badons freeze Megan's eggs before she started intense chemotherapy. We had to make a lot of decisions really, really quickly. Two days after the wedding we were back at the doctor. Three days after our wedding I was having surgery to put my port in for chemo. They canceled their honeymoon to begin those treatments, and since April they spent much of their time as newlyweds in and out of hospitals. I wouldn't have been able to do it without him. He's just been -- he's been everything that I could have asked for and -- She had to go through it all. I was just there doing what I could. Reporter: Now Megan is in remission and the husband and wife looking forward to the future. We got cheated out of our newlywed experience. Oh, I did it! We just deserve to go relax. That's the one thing that I am making sure we do when we get done with this is go on our honeymoon. Once in a while We are privileged to have Megan and Ben with us on this Saturday morning. Good morning to both of you. Thanks for being here. Hi. Good morning. Let me start with you, Megan, how are you feeling? Great. I'm doing really good actually. I'm in remission, cancer-free. I mean, that is all we could have hoped for, you know, and we had a few bumps in the road after my surgery, but we're back on track and, you know, this is a new year for us, new beginnings for us so -- Such a positive outlook. What advice would you have for other patients who are going through something like this? I mean that's all you can do is have a positive outlook. It's so easy to let it consume your whole life, you know. I mean, you have to get up and get out of bed every day. You have to keep going. I mean, it's chaos when you get that diagnosis. It's nothing but chaos, and I just felt like I wasn't going to let it run my life. You know, I wanted to keep living. I have something to live for and if I could tell anybody anything it's just have hope. Have faith. I mean, you know, keep going about your day-to-day and make it the best you can. You said you felt cheated out of your newlywed experience but it's a new year, new decade. What are your plans for the future as you put all this behind you? Planning our honeymoon and going on that. Buying a house. Buying a house and starting a family. Yeah. I really want to go on a honeymoon. Well, you said you got to get up. You got to keep going. We've got something that you can look forward to. Ben, you've been in on this for a little bit here but we got a bit of a surprise for you, your husband, he's been working behind the scenes. We don't want you to miss out on that honeymoon. Looking at him. Excuse me. You deserve that honeymoon and our friends at sandals resort heard your story, they want to give you a dream honeymoon. So, let's see it. We're going to get up. We're going to head on over here. Come on, Megan. Come on, Ben. You will be celebrating at any five-star luxury included -- come on, come on. Luxury included sandals resort in the caribbean. You're going to the caribbean. You'll enjoy six days, five nights in a romantic suite complete with your own butler like Sebastian here. Oh, there's Sebastian right there. Getting you all set up to help you enjoy the best hospitality the caribbean has to offer. Oh, my gosh, thank you. Absolutely. Happy honeymooning to the both of you and thank you very much for sharing your story and your strength and now you get to go on the trip. Oh, my gosh. Congratulations. Can they take the drink? Is that like -- there you go, cheers. We're going to buy a ticket for Sebastian too, so don't worry about that. That's covered. Thank you. Really deserve this so, so nice to have you on a Saturday Thank you for having us. Congratulations on everything you've overcome. Thank you. Our thanks to sandals as well and as these guys go and pack their trips -- pack their bags for the trip of a lifetime. That they more than deserve. Yes, they do.

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{"duration":"4:56","description":"After receiving a heartbreaking diagnosis just days before their wedding, Ben and Megan Bardon receive a honeymoon getaway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68368728","title":"Inspiring newlyweds get the surprise of a lifetime","url":"/GMA/Living/video/inspiring-newlyweds-surprise-lifetime-68368728"}