How to get around long wait times for furniture deliveries

Big-ticket home goods like appliances and furniture are in high demand and delivery may take months longer than usual.
3:17 | 09/25/20

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Transcript for How to get around long wait times for furniture deliveries
Thank you so much, riva and It's time for our "Gma" cover story, and the newest round of shortages in the covid economy. Big pick of home goods like appliances and furniture are Taing longer than they typically do. Becky Worley has the latest on this wait-gate. Reporter: Closing the door on the outside world has led to a lot of mileage on the things we use inside the house. We need a new fridge, but looking at the top-rated models on a slew of review sites -- this one's out of stock. Unavailable. Maybe November? November? Gap intelligence is reporting fridges from big brand stores like Best Buy, Home Depot, wayfair and sears are normally 25% out of stock, but are currently 42%. Washers and dryers are normally a 25% out of stock, but are now People are home more, washing their clothes more and storing their food. So command is way up. Reporter: In addition to the appliance wait-gate, items like couches and desks are also in high demand. One survey of furniture sellers has them reporting inventory is down 13% while orders are up 30%. Right now most of the home furnishing retailers have having to tell customers that that item they want is not going to be in for maybe 12 weeks. In some cases they're telling people right after the first of Reporter: If you were waiting for these items to go on sale -- do you think we'll see any discounting on these big ticket items come thanks giving? Probably not until 2021. You may have to wait or you may not get the discounts that you expect to get. Reporter: With so much demand, retailers don't need to discount. Becky Worley joins us live with more right now. Good morning, Becky. It's good to see you as always. Becky, we know that waiting for prices to go down is the best way to get a great deal, but what if you need to buy it right now? Yeah. Sometimes when you need it, you need it, Michael. Good morning. The tips that I can offer you are number one, just because it lists as discounted, that doesn't mean it's available. So you want to double check that availability. If you need it now, shop smaller chains. They source from different places, and ask about buying floor models. They can be discounted and you can take it home right then and there even if you need to boar -- borrow a truck from a it may take 30 days to get these items, Michael. What about getting big ticket items or products secondhand? I think it's a great time to buy secondhand with this much turnover from other people upgrading, there's more inventory and it's not just craigslist anymore. Now you have next door and Facebook marketplace which offer good buying opportunities locally, and in these plat forms you can better identify the seller's identity, and it's good for your bank account. It gets a golf clap from me. Golf clap too. Happy about that. Thank you so much. Always great to see U. Have a great Friday.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Big-ticket home goods like appliances and furniture are in high demand and delivery may take months longer than usual.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73235847","title":"How to get around long wait times for furniture deliveries","url":"/GMA/Living/video/long-wait-times-furniture-deliveries-73235847"}