Can marriage counseling apps save your relationship?

Relationship coach Bela Ghandi discusses new couples therapy apps and how you can use them to help your marriage.
4:28 | 07/06/18

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Transcript for Can marriage counseling apps save your relationship?
Thank you. Owo our series summer of love O Thursday we helped you up your dating game and improve your online prof.well now this morning we have a new app that may just S your relationship. What'oing on? Repr: Every mag fa a bump or two in the R It's like we're not connecting. Reporter: And for many that can lead to marriage counting like wee in a recent episode in "Black-ish." I'm going totop you. Reporter: With nearly half O all American unionsin in divorce couples can get marriage counseling at their fingerti with the ride of new mobile therapy providike tal space. Talk space I onlinetherap Reporter: Apps like ultimate intimacy and nowlasting. Based o5 longitudinal ies about marriage creates fun exercise engaging audio tracks and quizzes for couples that disspills most importanelionship information. While an hour a therapist can cost between 90 and $150 on average for 12 bucks month couples using lasting have access to personalized course. My partner makes me feel appreciated. I have to strongly agree with th Repr: Happily married co Christine and Dave say they were iested in using the app to maintain the good health ofhe marriage. After eight Y together with the ten-month-oldy boy and anotbundle of joy on the way. Hi. Reporter: The Chicago couple puttinhe app tohe test. 0% of the time. Whwhy are Y moving your thumb T far. So you thinkoue 60%. I think I would be at 70%. I'll put you 60. Reporter: Takin O of hundreds of assessments offered. I made M think of a lot of th that I haven't given attention to. THR direct quest like that you're definitel reminded bluntly if you'reng everything you can to, you know,be the best person you can be intionship. You kind of G to give light and ch with it otherwise you could end up in dust. And bgandhi, founder of smart dating academy is BAC with more on this so you work withouples all of the time S what's your keaway from apps like lasting to help couples work through their oblems? I love the intention behind this app I think it's great just to give yourself even a relationship tune-up B iu find your relationship is ting to slide doll or maybe the wheels have started to ll off the it's definitely to bring in a counselor. Additiono maybe also using the ap great, so I mean we've mentionen the piece the counselors can be expensive but does the Rea a certain point where you saypp is not going 0 rk. You need to physicall see someone face-to-face? When you start to think I might be better off Alo than withsperson,hen you're at an imp and know wt you think, you know what he thinks and nobody is goingo budge, which causes lots O arguments and screaming and confli it's definitely the time have a counselor youon already. That might even be too late at that INT. It's actually pps the best way to spend your money because you'll spend money on the divo anyway. Might asl put it towards the counselor to avoid that. Tsalvage it Ando to counseling asap even iou think it's a small issue. Small issues are what Tur INT issues. S never tue you're fighting about. You can T I've hade therapy. All right. What are your tips for couples who are trying torevitalize their relationship? Thi a great do a 30-secon-yes, a 30-secd hug where you time it when you get that close to each other for that long you kind of melt into the a you start to experience oxytocin which is thettachment hormone which kif ss to fuse you back togetherai and then second, look for tee great thin a daily bas at your partner says or does for you. Especials women we fall into that negativity biashe we look for what'sng iad of what's right force yourself to look for threethings, write do start whiche all know th're inevitable,e strategy called de-escalation, that means either of Youn you start to push E other's buttons G T say stop. It's like bockers going back to their rners. You get to cool and come back to it half anr later. Zing advice I love that. Bela Gandhi, thank you for joins. We appreciate it

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Relationship coach Bela Ghandi discusses new couples therapy apps and how you can use them to help your marriage. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56403591","title":"Can marriage counseling apps save your relationship? ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/marriage-counseling-apps-save-relationship-56403591"}