Navajo father and son committed domestic abuse, now they walk to help Native women

For 17 years John Tsosie has walked over 2,500 miles to deliver a message of the devastating effects domestic violence.
9:31 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for Navajo father and son committed domestic abuse, now they walk to help Native women
I stand before you as a former. Perpetrators and former victim of an excellent. Number matter how much I am just at that it never gets any easier. During his third are challenging their hard. It's definitely not just a walk in the park. A. Obviously that is who I am as my life it was after basically my own doubtless domestic violence. News and a process that healing process. Where eyes grew one you back. And solicit you know I think apparently went to law. And I. Oh in their community. Couple miles. Walk around the block or whatever. Is where you ago. And accident oh loss to Phoenix. This case is theories from where dances here under which is over three miles it's crazy. And the eight. Analyze integrate women whose eight months pregnant has gone miss Bolivia along bear who went missing October 25 there is an epidemic of violence against native women there just isn't. Being prosecuted in. Investigated effectively. Everything was fine and let. Needy people are. I think he found out what happened in the things had changed him flattened. The first time an honest and gloom. That Alice an ambulance you know I think it's easy and completely you must feel like. I don't need not their only hope one as Wilson. And changes in the past they didn't have partnered he can. The school. More viewers. And that's not change. Ma native women aren't seeing the mess of assets inspiring. And my youngest child loses a daughter who. And pool so might work a lot it and he's got hurt and I went looking up her future from. Indigenous women and girls across the nation I intensely vulnerable to violence. So much so that matters is a third leading cause of death and native when it. Nationwide epidemic of miss scene and murdered an indigenous women and girls no one knows exactly how many native American woman have been murdered. Are gone missing you do not believe this was sheer accident. Goal. Late goal. Lodgings were look courtesy realm my brother and loss of six. And so I couldn't stop. And this move it mostly stunned. Pastor continues. He. Oh. We started this walking him to bat years ago. Well he's younger. Know a little older still. Picture quality keep up with it was a walks like. Well we don't want to me because you know you have a longer time when you're walking distances. You go I think good line you'd think it. And a logistic and every step back took all those miles. Go to you count Monroe equipment that's been hurt. And of course kicker call me myself. Active. Where. Turnaround. Was the night of January 1 2003. And I remember display it was like it was yesterday and uses the boomers' children do senator Gregg place murder. Her party auditors alcohol around. I knew it was about two to happen it was a routine. She had. My my my glasses might face. And what happened next was the it was very. They are regulated and physically stronger hitters. And I remember are. Speaking to mess up. When a dispute. At that moment is instantaneously. I have flashbacks to that little boy being cooperative I'd love is there is what you just saw. What you're dad. Just did was very wrong you don't regret that your older. The middle of it and elements. As and avoided. Making those promises that I would break all of it didn't. Illusion. Because something that I must opponent. Something an amnesty responsibility for because it's part of me. It's part of my journey. I am not cousin. No accountability moment I'll. Me into made his mother you know we move through spirit is Judah. That was proceeded them yes you. Overcome was forgiven each other. And so I know you know within that it is she's forgiven me. I've forgiven. Everything that we went through. And it's hard it's hard to do has been done. Mend in this in this move it is vital because we all need to work together. We my dad and I just need to set that example and I tried your Saturday with my sentence I have two points. To a fault with something to people who know me. Years. Will be to realize. Debt forgiveness. Identity. Going through the process to less. He's you forgave me. Hit me there. You know. I'll never forgive myself when I did I care distillate shoulders. Everything that I did it right here. But when he forgave me. And this storm you're so. Over the past few years my father and I have heard from so many individuals so many. Wonderful individuals. Bearing. Families who have lost loved ones to domestic violence. Families who are searching. For their loved ones who have been missing after twenty years and they're still searching. Individuals who have been. Enraged. Observers are. Never easy to hear. They were heavily in our hurts. Every time it is. But those standards are. Why we walk yeah. I. As brazen in detention will meet American woman was missing she disappears it's. And I and went minions. Yeah. Okay. I've known John Spence. And head high school in Clinton's. I started my job best. A former domestic and uncertain nation. Fourteen. There aren't happening and he let me part of my healing process going in my own domestic violence he looked. There definitely listening. I really active. That is what it. A lot of our woman lot of our men in this lover children face every day. Is. The possibility of being abused then of course being abused. And as lively walk walk. You have been human beings two carrier message is very really important message. And so walking past that's fastest. That's my life. I do know from you.

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{"duration":"9:31","description":"For 17 years John Tsosie has walked over 2,500 miles to deliver a message of the devastating effects domestic violence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74489511","title":"Navajo father and son committed domestic abuse, now they walk to help Native women","url":"/GMA/Living/video/navajo-father-son-committed-domestic-abuse-now-walk-74489511"}