Parents hire coaches to help limit their kids' screen time

For a fee as high as $200, so-called "screen time consultants" are helping parents figure out how to get their kids off of their devices.
3:24 | 07/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Parents hire coaches to help limit their kids' screen time
something new parents are trying to cut their kids' screen time. A story we saw in "The New York Times" how they're hiring coaches to help kids become less dependent on their devices. Deborah Roberts has the details. Before you roll your eyes in judgment let's be honest. So many of us parents are in a constant battle with our kids over their screen obsession. It's certainly a big issue in my household so some parents have decided that an outside expert voice is the best way to rescue their kids from the clutches of technology. Guy, breakfast. Reporter: Does this look familiar? Okay, no, that's it. Everybody, gadgets down now. Reporter: Your entire family tuned out glued to screens. The Owens of Bellevue, Washington, schourek nice it. They were pretty addicted. The right decision for them is to stay on it and Reporter: 13-year-old Jenna, 12-year-old grace and 9-year-old Georgia all admittedly obsessed with their smartphones an tablets. I like to watch Netflix. I like to play some games. Reporter: It was a problem in your Reporter: Like so many of us the owenss were at their wits end, desperate they turned to a former teacher to help them reclaim a normal life. She's one of a growing number of consultants being hired by families to swoop in and rescue zoned out kids from their device addictions. We as families have to adapt and modify and change as we go and as our kids develop and, of course, as technology changes. Reporter: For a fee between 150 to $200 an hour she hunkers down with screen weary families. If you're wondering why parents are paying for something they have the power to do, Sonia Owen admits it's not that easy. I would just want to be like, okay, all done and grab it out of their hand but that never went well. Reporter: In fact, research shows that kids can develop a kind of dependency on screens. So to get ahead of the problem, the American academy of pediatrics recommends that all kids limit their screen time. Other suggestion, media-free time during dinner or in the car and media-free zone such as bedrooms. And as the Owens learned from their consultant their kids' screen time should be earned not They have to either have their laundry done or have the dishes done or walk the dog and then by having that as their incentive we usually don't have to ask Reporter: Now they're seeing more of this. Kids just being kids riding bike, walking the dog or playing. A few changes that have had a huge effect on this family. I would definitely say it's brought our family together more. A nice change but as parents we know it can be tough to set down firm rules when your kids have friends who are dog something completely different. That's why some parents have moved the wait until 8 pledge connecting parents who vow to put off giving their kids phones until the eighth grade but as parents we've got to set an example and a study found American dulls spend more than 11 hours on various screens and media every day so it's our job to model good behavior, George. It starts early. Most important lesson to You don't have them at the dinner table. We don't either. Hard to do. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"For a fee as high as $200, so-called \"screen time consultants\" are helping parents figure out how to get their kids off of their devices. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64260980","title":"Parents hire coaches to help limit their kids' screen time ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/parents-hire-coaches-limit-kids-screen-time-64260980"}