Rams fan surprised with Super Bowl tickets

"GMA" surprises Los Angeles native Shawn Brown, a mom of three in Atlanta, who is a huge fan of the Rams, with tickets to Super Bowl LIII.
5:39 | 02/01/19

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Transcript for Rams fan surprised with Super Bowl tickets
Time for our big super bowl surprise. Part of our series "Tell T.J." And this rams fan we've been watching all morning has no idea what is coming. Reporter: Yeah, George, no idea. You know we love surprising people. That's why we're all having to be a little quiet. The rams cheerleaders and patriots cheerleaders are here. We like honoring people as well. We could have done a super bowl ticket giveaway to fans but we wanted to find somebody who was an inspiration. She's gone through hardships like you wouldn't believe but still here and standing and she's bringing joy to other people and she's actually on the other side of that curtain and doesn't know that we're on this side. It's going to be good. Check this out. Okay, Raquel, open it for me. Hey, Sean brown, come on in. Hi. Come on in. Oh, my god. What the -- hi. I'm T.J. From "Good morning America." Hi. You are live on "Good morning America" right now. What? No way. I know you were delivering cupcakes -- no, you come here. I know you were delivering cupcakes to us and we thank you. But it's not about just cupcakes this morning. Come with me, sister. Now, all of these folks are here for you. These folks are here -- they're here to honor you this morning. We heard about you. We heard about what you've been through. We heard about your cheesecake shop. And we wanted everybody to see what an inspiration you are. Oh, my god. I think you know these two here. Now, SHAWN, come here, turn this way. I want you to see something and I want our audience to see something. We want them to know who you are and why we felt it important to show. My name is Sean brown owner of cheese caked. Reporter: Her specialty, desserts and this week the L.A. Natives desserts are decked out in rams decor. There you have it. Reporter: But cheese. Caked is her second chance at life. I had been in a really bad drunk driving car accident where I lost my son in the accident, I was pronounced dead twice. Reporter: She persevered, moved to Atlanta for a fresh start and through baking has found happiness again. It brings me so much joy after going through everything that I've gone through. I'm really wanting my children to see that I've been able to overcome all of these adversities and tragedies. My mom works extremely hard. She took her lemons and made lemonade. Reporter: Lemonade and a whole lot more. Next challenge, baking the rams to a super bowl win. We may make a couple patriots shakes but we're going to push the ram shake, no doubt about it. Okay, so we heard about you. What you've been through, everything that's going on and you are persevered. You said to your kids, y'all lied to me this morning. She said she had a test this morning. Where is he supposed to be? School. Oh, wow, okay. Our bad on that one. At least, though, but we wanted to honor you and introduce everyone in the country to you. I know you're such a big rams fan actually. You're from L.A. I know on Sunday you plan on having something at your cheese caked shop. People will be watching. If somebody has tickets now, this is your chance to ask if somebody could give you some tickets. What? You can make a plea right now. Ooh. We've never even been to a professional football game. Is that right? Ever. You all hear this. Can somebody possibly hook her up? They deserve to go because we work so hard. We never get to take vacations or time off. Well, you never know, maybe somebody could come through for you guys and get you all tickets and maybe that person was standing right next to you now because -- Courtesy of the NFL, we have -- Oh, my god! Stay with me. You have -- now, I'm handing you now two tickets to the game but you have three kids. Now who are you going to take with you? Ooh. You know what, sister, you don't have to decide because I got two more tickets for you. Oh, my god. And you can take all your kids with you. Oh, my god. You can take all your kids -- Is this real? This is real, sister. Oh, my god. I can't believe all these people are here for me! Thank you. Thank you. And just -- snrs. Oh! She's pointing at our producer who has been lying to her for a matter of a month. Oh, my gosh. You're an inspiration for what you've been through and bringing joy to others. You all enjoy the game. We wanted to say thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Wow. George, there you have it. We wanted to -- we found a rams fan in Atlanta. Gave us such a boost on this Friday morning. That story was fantastic, SHAWN, enjoy every minute of that game, T.J., thank you. That was great. So great.

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{"duration":"5:39","description":"\"GMA\" surprises Los Angeles native Shawn Brown, a mom of three in Atlanta, who is a huge fan of the Rams, with tickets to Super Bowl LIII. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60777322","title":"Rams fan surprised with Super Bowl tickets ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/rams-superfan-mom-surprised-super-bowl-tickets-60777322"}