Single mom honored for making a difference through education

“GMA” and Generation Hope honor Karen Escobar, a young mom pursuing her education while taking care of her 4-year-old daughter for “Make Your Monday.”
7:19 | 09/16/19

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Transcript for Single mom honored for making a difference through education
And we have a fabulous story for you right now. There's an organization, it's a wonderful organization we want to tell you about. It's called generation hope that helps teen college degrees, also helps their children get started in school as well and we have a young woman, Karen Escobar and her daughter Gloria that are here in the audience in the front row. Good to have you here with us. They're part of the program. They are part of it. Can you all just come on up? Can you come up? Oh, look. Wonderful. How are you? Hey, can you get on up there? We know you're here to talk about generation hope. Yeah. But that's not what we're here to talk about right now. We're here to talk about you. Want to take a look right over there at the wall. We've been filming you all morning long because we heard about how hard you're working to raise your daughter and get an education so we want to make your Monday. We want to make your Monday, because you have been working so hard. We know you have all these different challenges. I love -- that's right. Bounce the legs. Mommy, what's coming up? How are you going to make our first we want to share your story with everyone. Take a look. Education is my way of building a better tomorrow for me, for my family, for my daughter. Reporter: While education is a priority for Karen Escobar, it also comes at a cost. Time, money, definitely changed once I had my daughter. I had to think about how was I going to pay for my books, how was I going to pay for diapers at the same time in one semester. Reporter: Pregnant at 16, her big dreams were at risk. I lived with fear, oh, what are they going to think? I'm a young parent. I want to go too school. Reporter: Karen pursuing a career in law is determined to succeed. Oh, my goodnessment high-five. Reporter: During the day she takes care of her 4-year-old daughter Gloria and helps her family. She helped me a lot, not only on the house but with my mom. Being a young mom is a big motivation for me. I definitely look at her and I'm just like there's no way I can let her see me fail. Reporter: Karen turns to a program called generation hope for vital support. Thank you, guys, so much for coming out tonight. Reporter: Their mission is to help teen parents achieve a college degree. Karen is a great example of, you know, just how determined young parents can be. She has overcome so many obstacles. Just knowing that people believe in you makes just a huge difference. Reporter: Karen now has her sights set on graduation day. Everybody know how hard she's been working for it. It's going to be an important I always saw her fighting for her dream. It would be a big milestone in my life. The idea of it just makes me so happy. Oh, Karen. That's wonderful. She couldn't -- kept seeing herself. I know this has to be a little overwhelming because you thought you were coming here to talk about generation hope but we wanted just to show the example that you have set and you said some people have an image of a teen mom and you wanted to show by your actions that you are going to still accomplish so much in life. That's important to you, isn't it? Yeah, people automatically assume just because of my situation I lack the motivation, the interest or I'm just incapable of doing it. The best way of showing the contrary is doing by my actions just doing exactly what they think I'm not able to do. You are doing it. You are doing it. What is your message for somebody who is watching, other teen parents? I think the big takeaway is that this is an end game. There are people that want to support you, that believe in you and you have options. It's going to be hard and will take longer but this isn't the end. Don't be today to ask for help. Yes, exactly. I think that's a big part. You have to ask for help and it's okay. Nicole Lynn Lewis believes in you. Tell us how you think Karen exemplifies your organization. Karen's story reflects the perseverance and determination of all of our scholars and nearly 4 million parenting college students across the country trying to figure out child care and housing and put food on the table. We're doing this work in D.C. And looking to expand but there are young families like Karen and Gloria who really need support and a team of people who believe in them. You dies are really providing that. You said show by example. Lead by example. What's the example you're hoping to set for Gloria. I definitely want her to see that no matter the circumstances, determination, motivation and just keep going, I want her to be able to believe in herself. She has no trouble. Yeah. Yes. Well, we told you we want to make your Monday. We want to make your Monday. What we're going to do is if you look, we have a limousine that is waiting outside. That's going to be for you and your daughter. They're going to take you to Ann Taylor and justice because Ann Taylor and justice are giving you gift cards courtesy of their retail company. So you both need clothes for school as well. Yes, yes. That is just the beginning, the education company chegg was so inspired they wanted to give a gift as well. Dan rosensweig is here with that. Chegg is so inspired by your story and how hard you're working and how wonderful your beautiful daughter is that not only do we want to give you free textbooks for all of college, but if you're okay with it, chegg would like to pay off your entire student loan. Oh, my gosh. Thank you. Thank you so much. You're an amazing inspiration. Thank you. That's really good news. This is like the third time we brought grge to tears. I mean, this is -- this is huge. This is so life changing. D it just shows that there are groups like you, there are organizations like yours that truly want combined together what you are doing, it's life not just for your family, not just for your child, but for the generations of your family. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much. Made all of our Mondays. We're so glad we could make your Monday because you have made your family so very incredibly proud and us, as well. So thank you. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"7:19","description":"“GMA” and Generation Hope honor Karen Escobar, a young mom pursuing her education while taking care of her 4-year-old daughter for “Make Your Monday.” ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65638320","title":"Single mom honored for making a difference through education","url":"/GMA/Living/video/single-mom-honored-making-difference-education-65638320"}