Tennessee falafel shop named Reader's Digest 'Nicest Place in America'

Yassin Terou is a Syrian refugee who came to the U.S. seven years ago and opened Yassin's Falafel House in Knoxville, Tennessee.
11:42 | 10/11/18

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Transcript for Tennessee falafel shop named Reader's Digest 'Nicest Place in America'
Thank you week long we've teamed up with "Readers digest" to find some amazing places in America. This morning we're revealing the official nicest place in America. Robin is downstairs with a big surprise, the winner is here with us in times square but has no idea what he's in for, robin. No, he doesn't. I have to kind of whisper because he's right behind me right here. But he has no idea what is about to happen that he thinks he's here because he's a finalist, that he's come to meet with me who is a judge and other judges and he thinks people inside there are from "Readers digest," so he doesn't know that he has won, but he is really somebody who impressed us. His name is yassin terou. He runs yassin's falafel house in Knoxville, Tennessee, and now I'm I'm going to knock on the door and tell him, hello. Hey, yassin. How are you doing, baby? Nice to see you. Good to see you. Oh, man, you're back here real busy. Mm-mm. Smells just like your restaurant. How are you doing? I know. My goodness, wow. I got to tell you a little something. You know, I spent some time with you in Knoxville. That was a great time. It was a great time. We enjoyed it. You think these folks work for "Readers digest." No, they work for me. They're with "Good morning America." You didn't realize we have cameras that have been hidden here -- I thought it was a security camera. Good, good, good. So we're happy. I am here to tell "You" are the winner! Actually, yes, yes, America is the winner. Knoxville is the winner. Tennessee is the winner. It's not me. When you say you, I think this fair to everyone around this country. Because I think this is -- this is what make us the winner is that the people in this country, not us. So thank you very much. This is what I was waiting for. Working all day. Your response is one of the main reasons why you were voted number one. That spirit that you have and so we got some more surprises for you, okay. We're going to go upstairs. Now we going to -- not what is your name? Now it's going to be clear. Did you really think that they worked for "Readers digest"? Just look at them and tell. So smart. They was playing so smart, actions, like I try to sneak in and I didn't. Well, we're going to share some surprises with you and we're going to share with everybody at home coming up -- Are belive. Yes, we're live. Hey. I forgot to tell you that part. Thank you. You know, I just want to tell something before I get so confused, I'm so emotional I may be cry I just want to tell the American people you are great people. Everybody love you and we know you love everybody and we going to keep this country great and we're going to build it together. That's yassin and we'll share more of his story coming up in a few more surprises. Michael. All right, robin, can't wait for you to get upstairs. You know her as a gold medalist and samba'd her way onto "Dancing with the stars" and has a new children's book called "She's got this." Laurie Hernandez, everybody. How are you? I'm good. How are you? I'm good. You know what, you're 18 years old. You have two olympic medals. You've written two books. You have a mirror ball trophy. And this morning you have a big announcement. What is that? I am coming back into the gymnastics world. I'm currently training. For 2020 olympics? Cross your fingers for 2020. Cross our fingers. We're looking out for that. We are very confident that you got this, of course. And we love seeing you compete in 2016 and as we're watching you had this mantra where you said I got this. Yes. So what's going through your mind when you're saying that to yourself. Whenever I'm competing, I'm pretty much terrified before I go up there a so it's making sure that I can kind of calm myself down before I hop onto the equipment and for me that's a lot of self-talk and lf-preparation and when I was out there competing I said I got this and the camera really got a close-up of it and it captured this moment that I found was really important. Which is amazing because a lot of people would see your success and would think, oh, she's never nervous and especially a lot of kids out there. And now you wrote this book, "She's got this," it's about a gymnast who falls off. Yeah. Who has problems. Wants to quit. Has some setbacks. How do you keep going. I think with setbacks it's making sure that you can look for all the things that you're grateful for and also it's looking forward to see the goals have you planned and it's looking back to see how far you've come and if you can mix those two together that could be enough. But my family helped as well. Family always helps. You're talking about how far you've come. You have your own Barbie. Come on. Laurie Hernandez, have you your own Barbie. Thank you. And you tweeted that you hope to break ground -- boundaries. Did you ever think you'd hold your own Barbie. Not at all. I used to play with them and wake them up and they wouldn't argue and would just do it. Being able to have my own Barbie, my favorite part -- I have two, one is she's fully posable and can move. I like the pose she's in. Whoo. And also she has my curls which is really important. I always wanted to straighten my hair because I saw everybody had that but now I get to embrace it. You have a lot of young fans. We have some here in our audience and they want to K you a question. One of them, Bella, Bella wants to ask a question and, Bella, that is your question for Laurie? What is the biggest challenge you've had to overcome? Ooh. For gymnastics I think the biggest challenge I had to overcome was a lot of injuries. In 2014 in January I fractured my wrist while doing a skill and then in June I hurt my knee and had to get surgery. That whole year was really rough but reminded me how much I loved games that ticks and how I would work to come back even better. They're all in gymnastics. Can you teach them how to stick a landing. Put your books down. Come on, girls. We're going to stick this landing. Right here? Right here is fine. Okay. So whenever you're sticking a landing you want to make sure there knees aren't too straight and not too bend so you can bend them a little bit. Put your arms out in front and when you finish put them back to the side and pick your chin up like a queen. How about I do the Barbie pose? Pose like Barbie. That's how you do it. Laurie, thank you very much. She came bearing gifts. Everyone in the audience is going home with "She's got this" and the book is out now. Make sure you pick up your own copy at home. We have the man whose business is the nicest place in America. We have another surprise that is coming up next. ??? L I'm Max Rose and I approve this message. Opioid addiction is reaching epidemic levels. Four New Yorkers die every day from opioid overdoses. But Dan Donovan disbanded his narcotics bureau when he was district attorney, then took thousands of dollars from the very pharma executives fueling the opioid crisis. Even one who got convicted for it. So how's he going to stop the opioid epidemic, if he sold out to the drug companies that caused it? Meet Dan Donovan. The Staten Island sellout. Hello, guys. And, again, from Panama City, look, I want you to meet some storm survivors. These are four little kittens. We just Good morning everyone. Here is a flash flood watch for the area. Accuweather alert day here, 76 degrees and we This weather report is sponsored by target. Look at that, robin. Your heart just goes out to these little critters. We'll get them the help they need. It is another reminder that we have to keep in mind that the animals that go through the storms as well so thank you. I am backstage with this man right here, yassin, who just

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{"duration":"11:42","description":"Yassin Terou is a Syrian refugee who came to the U.S. seven years ago and opened Yassin's Falafel House in Knoxville, Tennessee. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58431918","title":"Tennessee falafel shop named Reader's Digest 'Nicest Place in America'","url":"/GMA/Living/video/tennessee-falafel-shop-named-readers-digest-nicest-place-58431918"}