Tesla the mini Aussie is the ‘Pet of the Week’

A video of Tesla doing burpees went viral and now she has more than 50,000 followers on social media.
3:07 | 02/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tesla the mini Aussie is the ‘Pet of the Week’
Time to announce our pet of the week. This week we've got a special workout edition. These three finalists love to break a sweat with their humans but only one will take home the top prize and who will it be? Take a look. Luca is cuddly and playful all at once and likes to help his humans prepare at home in a very pet-icular way. Luca, a quick study went viral after joining his dad Chris in this lunge session. Tesla, the mini aussie is one tail-ented pooch learning new exercises and is pawfully adept at drills and Tesla gives new winning to stop, drop and roll while practicing burpees. And Gus, the English bulldog is fur-ever at home in the gym never turning down a swim or run on the treadmill. Good boy. Gus keeps close tabs on mom Alexis when she's pumping iron and is always up for a delicious chicken treat. And the winner is, drum roll, please. Tesla, the mini aussie. Tesla and her mom and dad are joining us now from California. Congratulations, you three. Yes, congratulations to the three of you. Thank you so much. Thank you. We know, Timmy, you always wanted a dog your entire life and Tesla was a present to yourself but at what point did you realize that she was such an athlete? We actually found out the first week we got her back when she was 8 weeks old. Yeah, we knew mini aussies were really athletic dogs but we did not expect her to go to the gym with us and it was just a really happy surprise. And in the video we saw of Tesla doing the burpees, that went viral. Now she has over 50,000 followers on Instagram but I hear she has another little trick prepared for us this morning. What does she got? Yeah, she's going to do a handstand for you. Ready. Reverse. Reverse. Revert. Reverse, reverse, reverse. Reverse, reverse, reverse. That a girl. Good job! I don't think I could do that and a dog can do that. Well, that was absolutely amazing. Everybody here appreciating -- we're so excited to give Tesla the pet of the week medal and being that it's Valentine's day we also wanted to get her something a little special. Oh, thank you. A gift basket for Tesla as well. Oh, thank you, thank you. And, Timmy, one more question if Tesla could talk right now what would she say? Feed me breakfast, please. Okay, well, you know what, tesl and I think just alike. All three of you, congratulations.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"A video of Tesla doing burpees went viral and now she has more than 50,000 followers on social media.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68985127","title":"Tesla the mini Aussie is the ‘Pet of the Week’","url":"/GMA/Living/video/tesla-mini-aussie-pet-week-68985127"}