How to throw the ultimate DIY wedding

Celebrity wedding planner and Michaels spokesman David Tutera shares tips to make everything at a wedding from bouquets to centerpieces to signs and even a personalized photo booth.
5:34 | 05/31/18

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Transcript for How to throw the ultimate DIY wedding
everybody is here all dressed up for a wedding. It's all for our DIY wedding. In jus 24 hours our studio has been completely transformed. Lot this. Our couples will "I do" and rob is with the right now. Hey,ron, I am with the grm, Keith, about to marry. How areou feeling? Azing. Yeah. I'm excited to final get this going. Ve been waiting for two years for this moment. You told me yesterday when Yo met katlin, you knew she W right. Yes. Our first date, you know, saw her eyes across from the table. I knew ted to marry this woman. She wing T great mother andhe was just a good person. There's no bet R than that. Well, you along O sponsor Michael's have done your whole wedding ceremony we're about to go through so let's take a L at he got here. ?????? in just mattef minutes katlin and Keith W take their trip down the aisle right here on "Gma." Butow we gethere? Let's rewind. They met in 2016 on a dating app and their love of DIY is the glue T bonds them together. Constructing a fire pit T learning calligraphy Keith even Pring with a handmade wooden ring box. Couple heading to Michael's to get their planning STD. I'm not trying to mak you nervous but you're go to get married in front of 4 million or 5 millionpeople No big deal. Noig deal. You guys are made for this stuff. Not just get maried but a DIY wedding. Why wast important. We are constantly doing DIY projectsun the house so really wanted to incorporate what we love too into our weddinndnew we wanted it to be relatively simple.nothing, you know, too crazy, too lavish but also wanted T LE to put thatar work too wedding. Reporter: Wed planner VI tutera providing tips. How will you M our television S magical place for a weding? Key word, magical. That's what I do. I create the fairy dust. Thi a sparkle product and comes apart and what I L ab this, you can use T on a cors you can use it on a boutere or in your bouq these are pearls. You can drip the arl, the of chairs and alsora it around the trim of the table. It could be used for ceremony sure. Again, there you go,ee ideas, oneduline. No wedding would be complete without some bling. Oh, my gosh. L how beautiful those are. Frit helzberg amond supplying the happy uple with their wedding bands. All right. I'm he now with celebrity weddin planner and Michael's spokesperson davidera helped with all this. Sdio looks incredible. You're telling every here, everything here is DIY, do it yourself. It is all DIY and I trust that you canreate any and everything with a lit bit of imagination and able of steps we make it eas a Michael's being to tell your story and bring your personality and who you are as a couple when youdown that aisle and here you are about see everything unfold. O creative. This is ourar B it's a picture fr WHA I did was - thank you. So a picture fra with -- I'm going to have HOL this for a second. Faux flowers andeh beautiful flowerst Michael's. Wecut them anded them the sideerring in any seas, any color scheme or make it bi smaller that matches your weddi and create beaul settings for the celebration as well as wel the ceremony asre doing right here. This is speclar.a lot of people have a ceremonial table but this star out as Ang ordinary table. These vessels are so inexpensive. Also down the aisle in style. Michae ireated it with creating the centerpiece to match the ceremony structure this looks good on youle for your ceremony, rr down the center of your Ta the beautiful floral, all thhout the studio on the tables, again, it's jus really putting them together. There's nong or right. The votives add illumination, all simple to do affordable and fun. Eep foreople to take these ho because that's just what they They always go . Is in this lieu of a wed cake. It .the are stacked wood tiers whichalso, again, part of the line and we place cupcak because we wanted to be more fun and people can take from it but the dowel rod which iseally fun, this is ribbons in any colors and tie tm to the rod and you create them as long as you want added burlapit. Sometimes you gote sparkle but turn around. This is the greathoto-op for them to create. Ow about that. Photo booths are all the rage we've got audience mbers doing their T creating selfies. At looks fancy. Rob, theck really is when people think ofmichael's, it's not just the wedding but Al celebrations but every aislehas something someone when G together T most important moment ich, today, is their weg. W done and I don't know Abou you, I don't know about

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{"id":55558536,"title":"How to throw the ultimate DIY wedding","duration":"5:34","description":"Celebrity wedding planner and Michaels spokesman David Tutera shares tips to make everything at a wedding from bouquets to centerpieces to signs and even a personalized photo booth.","url":"/GMA/Living/video/throw-ultimate-diy-wedding-55558536","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}