TikTok couple shows how to keep the spark alive in quarantine

“Millionaire Matchmaker” star Patti Stanger shares tips with Natalie Otaro and Josiah Miller, who met on TikTok during the coronavirus pandemic.
4:55 | 08/07/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for TikTok couple shows how to keep the spark alive in quarantine
We are back with our series "Summer in love" and we are meeting one couple who met on tiktok. It's a viral love story on tiktok. One of the videos came up on the page and she went to my Instagram and I thought, she's cute. I slid into her dms. I'm stalking. Yeah. I did a little research. Yeah. Reporter: From their romance took flight, literally. Previously on tiktok love story. Josiah took a road trip and stopped in cool places along the way. Reporter: Couple who had never met in person before the ad trip traveled coast to We went to Vegas, we tried to go to the Hoover dam but it was closed. Reporter: Including the grand canyon. We got up at 4:00 A.M. To see the sunrise. Asked me to be the girlfriend. He actually -- I knew he was joking, but he got down on one knee and seemed like he was going to propose. Yeah. Reporter: No proposal just yet. But they have grown close in the past three months with no plans of slowing down. So many exciting things we'll continue to document our relationship. I'm really excited where it's going. I was over the game thing and I wanted to find my person. Reporter: The only question now -- how to keep the new relationship spark alive while dating in quarantine. And now Leah and Josiah and Patti Stanger are joining us us live. How is it going? It's first time I ever dated in quarantine and we're coming up with creative ways to go on dates. The first time you dated in quarantine? Yeah. Yeah. Like everybody, you know? Yeah, it's crazy times but we're coming up with ways to go on dates and get to know each other and everything -- it gets better every day. It's awesome. Well, that's a great. That's why Patti Stanger is here, to see if you have any questions on how to keep that going. You know, start -- keep up with the progress you've made in first few months. Any questions? Yeah, I would say that. I mean, it's felt like a fairy tale and I want to keep the spark going so if you have any tips on how to do that. Sure. First of all, tiktok is the new dating app thanks to you. They should pay for you. Really. Congratulations. This is unprecedented in quarantine to actually find love so I'm impressed by this story but let's keep it going. Okay, so pacing yourself is key. You must have patience in a you guys live what four hours away from each other, so every two weeks you have to see each other that's first of all. And you know you have to up the romance game but simplicity is really key. Because there's a lot you can't do. You can't go to the restaurant or go to the bar and you can't impress other than a picnic in the park or going to the beach. That's where Josiah is going to come in with the romance gene and woo you, right? I love it. Thank you. Yes. I love coming up with ways to surprise her. I'll keep doing that. Seems like they have the magic going right there, but what are the signs to look for at this stage of the relationship on whether it's going right or wrong? Well, you want to know that the person is invested. Calling you when they say they're going to call you. Facetime you when they say they're facetime you. Meet a person, with, you know, a mask cloth and a test if they're going to meet. If not they'll ghost. So do you have planned next? Taking it day by day. We're still going on the adventures, yeah, we'll keep taking it step by step. But I like where it's going. So fun. I mean, it's been an incredible experience. Yeah. It doesn't seem like they could be doing any better right now. Say that again. It doesn't seem like they could be doing any better right I see a ring in the future. Put it out there. Parents, going on the boat. What's next but a ring, you know? Did you hear that? I'll give you my connections to Tiffany's. Seriously you need to go slow, but you're going fast from here. I can see them blushing from I wouldn't hate it. He said he wasn't into games anymore. That's key. When you're dating you need to look for a guy like Josiah who said I'm one and done, just like George and Ali. My favorite couple. Thank you. Coming up on 19 years. We'll have you back tomorrow to Showers over the

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"“Millionaire Matchmaker” star Patti Stanger shares tips with Natalie Otaro and Josiah Miller, who met on TikTok during the coronavirus pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72231589","title":"TikTok couple shows how to keep the spark alive in quarantine","url":"/GMA/Living/video/tiktok-couple-shows-spark-alive-quarantine-72231589"}