‘Tis the season to earn extra cash as a seasonal worker

Holiday hiring is underway and experts say there are almost a million new jobs available; here are some tips on landing the perfect seasonal job.
3:36 | 11/15/19

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Transcript for ‘Tis the season to earn extra cash as a seasonal worker
'Tis the season to earn some extra cash. Now that holiday hiring is under way experts are telling us that there are almost a million new jobs up for grabs and Becky Worley is in San Francisco with more on how to land the perfect seasonal job. Good morning to you, my friend. Good morning, Cecilia. You're right. It's the tightest labor market in decades. That means employers are sweetening the deal for seasonal workers but what kind of flexibility do they offer and how much can you really make? Holiday jobs go way beyond managing the crowds for Santa. The unemployment rate is 3.6%. That's a 50-year low so employers are reaching into new populations to staff up. Two most in demand skills are communication and customer service. That means just about everybody with a positive attitude is qualified to go get one of these jobs. Reporter: Retailers alone are expected to hire more than 500,000 temporary workers. Target plans to hire more than 130,000 seasonal workers with starting pay at $13 an hour and a perk of a 10% employee discount. Kohl's wants to hire 90,000 with a 15% discount in their stores. Others like Amazon warehouse jobs offering $15 to $20 an hour. Having a seasonal job allows me to continuously network. Reporter: Retail worker Brittany says it's about extra cash and that next job. But retail is not the only option. The bulk of the jobs that are seasonal are related to e-commerce shopping consumers are doing. Reporter: While they may seem daunting -- At first it was intimidating. Reporter: This woman started working over the holidays. Now graduated from school and full time on a management track here. U.P.S. Plans to hire 100,000 seasonal workers. Hey, I'm Becky. How are you? Welcome to U.P.S. Reporter: What are they like? I'm not qualified for this job. I sign up to be a delivery helper. How long does it take for someone to ramp up and be ready to work either on the line or in the trucks. Once they go online with the application within 24 hour. 24 hours from approval to on the job. Yes, for sure. I get to ride with the door open. This is awesome. I run the packages. 885. Okay. And Kevin preps the next delivery. There are a few heavy boxes. I can do it. And some very yippee dogs. Run away, yeesh. But this job starts at $14 an hour with a fair bit of flexibility. Turning a seasonal job into much needed holiday cash that may become a career. Most of these companies are ramping up now. It's not too late. In part because the pre-christmas rush is just the start of the busy season. After December 25th there is the returns rush and then the gift card rush when everybody buys the things they really wanted as presents. So apply now, I mean, what do you have to lose, right, Cecilia? Yeah, seriously. There is a paycheck waiting for you. You mentioned the record 50-year low that doesn't necessarily include folks unemployed for a really long time. Sounds like some could be good for them. Oh, absolutely. U.P.S. Says 35% of the people that work as seasonal employees are eventually hired permanently. And some of those permanent part-time positions offer health care for employees who work as little as 20 hours a week and as we all know that health care for many is the gift that keeps on giving, so give it a shot. Certainly is. This is really great information. Thanks, Becky.

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{"duration":"3:36","description":"Holiday hiring is underway and experts say there are almost a million new jobs available; here are some tips on landing the perfect seasonal job.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"67035733","title":"‘Tis the season to earn extra cash as a seasonal worker","url":"/GMA/Living/video/tis-season-earn-extra-cash-seasonal-worker-67035733"}