Tory Burch shares advice for moms re-entering the workforce

The fashion mogul, who not long ago was a stay-at-home mom herself, shares her top tips for moms looking to return to work after taking time off.
4:52 | 06/29/18

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Transcript for Tory Burch shares advice for moms re-entering the workforce
So we're going to go now to our series "Get the job" all about helping you get ahead in the workplace. Our friends at "Shark tank" helped two women get raises. Now this morning one of the most successful working mothers Tory Burch is helps others get back to work and Rebecca Jarvis is here to explain how. We know so many moms who are going through this right now. We can feel like it's an uphill battle but Tory Burch herself took years off from the workforce to care for her family before launching her iconic brand and this morning she's helping moms of all backgrounds find their own path back to work. We asked moms across the country what were the biggest obstacles they face as they try to re-enter the workforce. I hope the gap on my resume won't prevent me from landing a job I truly love. I definitely need some help. It's been a while. I'm nervous about being out in the workforce. Reporter: We invited two to a coaching session with Tory Burch. When you were getting back into the workforce, what was your biggest fear? I had to start from scratch. Starting over is hard. I knew that taking time off to be a stay-at-home mom was very important but also my career was important. This is my favorite picture. Reporter: Trisha is a stay-at-home mom, would like to get back to work but it's been ten years since her last job. We're a military family and Emily has a fatal blood disease so our family deals with a lot of stress due to her health. What do you wan to learn from Tory? How to write a rest pay an interview and make myself presentable for potential employers. Let's go in the house. Reporter: She left her marketing job to spend more time at home with her daughters but is ready to jump back in. After having built a successful career in marketing trying to do something different with my career will be a challenge. We sent both to meet Tory. First up Trisha. I started off as a teacher. Reporter: Discovering a valuable talent. Fund raising has been my outlet and I've regained some of my identity. I worked with the research fund, that's the disease my daughter has. Not many people love to fund raise. That sets you apart a bit. I have more volunteer hours than classroom hours. How do I put it on paper? I wouldn't reference you have more this Anna. I would say this is what I learned over the last ten years and these are the skills I have. Fund-raising is a skill set. Nice to meet you. Now it's Heather's turn. Changing courses and building a case for a company to hire me without that direct employee engage many experience might be a challenge. I would work on some of the talking points around that. Working in marketing, it's a lot of skills you need for human resources and I think that's going to be very important. People skills. Reporter: Both women walking away with renewed confidence. What are some of the biggest things you learned? The last few years haven't been a waste. My vision for raising money can bring me to places. Her advice was really get my talking points together about how my skills from doing marketing are transferable to this new field to give myself an edge. Way to go, Trisha and Heather. They're awesome and thank you to Tory Burch for that. We'll find out if our audience is ready to go back to work. True and false paddles and ask you questions. Number one, what is the correct answer here, should we put our most -- wait, wait. I'll get it wrong. True or false in always put the professional experience at the top of your resume. That seems obvious. True or false? That is false. I was -- That is false. It's a bit of a trick question. It is a bit of a trick question. Here's why, Trisha came out and explained to Tory she did all this volunteer work and fund-raising. Hasn't been a teacher in ten years. Put that most relevant experience at the top and that can be work experience or volunteer experience or it could be something else so -- Never pertains to what you're going for. That's great advice. Okay, true or false. Don't waste time on a cover letter. Paddles up. Don't waste your time on a cover letter. I like this. There are a lot of falls. It is false and the reason you don't -- you do want to use a cover letter is because it's a great way to explain who you are and your future value to the employer. Thank you very much and to Tory Burch. For more from Tory check out the series from Rebecca "The worst advice I never took." I love that title. Coming up, Florence + the machine ready to rock central

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{"id":56258977,"title":"Tory Burch shares advice for moms re-entering the workforce ","duration":"4:52","description":"The fashion mogul, who not long ago was a stay-at-home mom herself, shares her top tips for moms looking to return to work after taking time off. ","url":"/GMA/Living/video/tory-burch-shares-advice-moms-entering-workforce-56258977","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}