New twists on classic summer grilling dishes

Adam Rapoport of Bon Appetit magazine shares simple ways to change up skewered meats and more classic grill dishes, live on "GMA."
4:49 | 06/26/19

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Transcript for New twists on classic summer grilling dishes
And summer is finally here and that means it's time to fire up the grill and we each have our go tos when it comes to the backyard barbecue and this morning, bon appetit's resident grill master Adam Rapoport is here with the new spin to amp up our grill game. Yes. You're going to help us out. We love to eat. We love to grill. Summertime is here. We have a charcoal grill. Why this and why do you recommend this to people. Charcoal is always going to get hotter than gas, okay. Like 99% of the time unless you have some super expensive high butane gas grill you get more heat and want that crispy char you'll get that from charcoal, not gas so I love this. At least on the weekend when you have time to grill go with charcoal. It's affordable too. Like 100 bucks for a classic weber. You smell that. You know it's summer. I smelled the inside. I'm hungry. The one person, the luckiest is ginger because she is going to help us -- she's our taste tester over here and we'll dig into our recipes here and you're going to revamp some of our favorite recipes and give us a way to pump them up and, Amy, you'll go first. What is your go to. I mean I love grilled chicken on the grill but I like it a little spicy with a little something extra so what would you suggest I do to amp it up? First of all you probably love grilled chicken breast. We're going grilled chicken thighs, juicier on the grill. We'll hit it up with spicy sort of glaze. How spicy is that. That's pretty spicy. Chilies and vinegar and mix it with sriracha so reserve half your marinade to glaze as you're grilling so you marinate it. Vegetables are separate from the chicken. When you grow up back in the day your mom and dad would put the tomatoes and rushmoms in between the meat. The mushrooms would be half cooked. Disaster. Do the vegetables separately because they all cook at different times, all right? So meat on one skewer. Veg on another. You can't even wait. You just got to dig in. Get this girl a napkin. Oh, my god. That's really good. Flavorful. Spicy. The way you do it with skewers you get more crispy bits as opposed to one big bit. I like that. Separate vegetables. Hot enough for you. Pretty hot. You can handle it. She can handle it. If you're going to use the wood or bamboo skewers, soak those in water first so they don't burn. Otherwise use the flat metal ones that are great and you can reuse them. George, it looks like you like steak. We did flank steak for our first barbecue but you have a twist. You know what, we'll marinate after gritting. That's crazy. It's insane. Season the steak with Saul and pepper. Grill it till it gets nice and crispy, beautiful medium rare. You always slice flank steak against the grain. You see those little line, that's the grain, slice it this way and we have this beautiful soil ginger marinade. A lot of times you marinade it and it's left in a ziploc bag. Here we're going to bathe it in that so when you eat it you get the marinade and the steak together. Very simple. Based on a basic Spanish technique. It brings the flavor to the meat instead of leaving it in the kitchen. George, you've got to make sure that's right. That looks done. Take that one off. I mean, the reason I say that is because our crew is going to eat this when it it's over. If anyone likes well done this is your guy right here. It won't go to waste. You are a pain in the butt. Why? Everyone is like, Michael wants grilled dessert. He wants chocolate in the dessert. How do you do that? You did it. You know how I did it, grilled s'more ice cream sandwich. Okay, let's do it. I love everything you said. Do we want to get those? No, we don't want the hot ones. So take your nutella. Imagine these things are hot. We'll smear the nutella on some hot brioche rolls. That's going to melt, get all melty, hand me one of those. One of those. Peel those off, ice cream, well, the ice cream is a little melty. We'll still make it work. Oh, yes, put it in there. Do you want another scoop? Come on, Michael. I know you'll work out after this. There we go. Good night and good luck. I'm going to let you eat that one. Well, I'll eat it when we're ginger, what do you think? Pretty good? She can't even talk. So good. But George wins. The steak. Thanks. bon appetit's annual bringing issue is out now. Get all these recipes on our

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Adam Rapoport of Bon Appetit magazine shares simple ways to change up skewered meats and more classic grill dishes, live on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63954418","title":"New twists on classic summer grilling dishes","url":"/GMA/Living/video/twists-classic-summer-grilling-dishes-63954418"}