F-16 crashes into Southern California warehouse

The pilot of the fighter jet was able to eject and parachute to safety, but the crash sent 12 workers inside the warehouse to the hospital.
2:12 | 05/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for F-16 crashes into Southern California warehouse
Thousand to that f-16 crash in California. The military fighter jet slamming into a warehouse leaving this gigantic hole behind. The pilot managed to eject safely before the accident. But others were injured inside. Our chief national correspondent Matt Gutman is on the scene in Riverside, California, with the latest. Good morning, Matt. Reporter: Good morning, Michael. 12 people were, in fact, injured and taken to area hospitals. Mostly with light injuries but firefighters we spoke to said this could have been so much worse given the fact this was a 25,000-pound fighter jet screaming into that industrial zone in the middle of a workday and a couple of hundred miles an hour and possibly carrying live ammunition, even missiles. That f-16 fighter jet seemed to fall right out of the sky slamming into a southern California warehouse. That's a military airplane in our building. Reporter: The air national Guard jet on a training mission. Its tail the only thing visible above the pile of wreckage. I heard the explosion. I turned around and I just seen the burst of flames. Reporter: The crane raining debris on workers inside, 12 rushed to the hospital. I just seen the ceiling from all over the building just start Just glad to be alive report. Reporter: The pilot losing control just short of the runway able to eject safely. It landed near the runway. His plane veering off. The airplane was probably coming home and it was low on gas. That's good because when it impacted that warehouse there was no serious fire or the fire that was there was put out very quickly. Reporter: From the air you can see jets of water from the warehouse sprinkler system shooting down water and Donald Trump spilling into the parking lot. This unit's mission is to protect the skies over the United States to prevent another 9/11 so it is definitely possible there were live munitions on board. Another thing investigators are going to look at is why obviously that pilot lost control of the plane but also why that plane seemed to veer so far off that runway and into a populated area. Cecilia. A lot of big questions. Matt, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:12","description":"The pilot of the fighter jet was able to eject and parachute to safety, but the crash sent 12 workers inside the warehouse to the hospital.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63099080","title":"F-16 crashes into Southern California warehouse","url":"/GMA/News/video/16-crashes-southern-california-warehouse-63099080"}