Accused baby kidnapper gives emotional testimony

Gloria Williams confessed to kidnapping a newborn baby from the hospital 20 years ago and asked for forgiveness on the stand.
2:38 | 05/05/18

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Transcript for Accused baby kidnapper gives emotional testimony
The wrenching testimony from a woman convicted of kidnapping an infant. Stealing the child from her mother's arms in the hospital and then raising her until adulthood and now a judge must decide the punishment for Gloria Williams who apologize for her actions in court. Area Russia has more about the twists in this just emotional case area. Good morning Dana Paula it was an emotional final day of testimony and that sentencing hearing Gloria Williams coming face to face with the girls' biological family. Before she learns her fate. Nethercutt take away. Collects it from you for you Williams taking the stand pleading for forgiveness and mercy directly addressing the parents whose baby she admitted to kidnapping two decades ago. I did hurt you. And for that I am so sorry. And I know I can give you back to eighteen years. This morning the 52 year old awaiting her sentence. After pleading guilty to posing as a nurse and abducting newborn come I am Mobley from a Florida hospital in 1998 to raise her as her on Williams saying at the time she was in an abusive relationship. Depressed after suffering a miss Carrie. It's nineteen it was not to take that they be. Houses broken. The broken hearted had a broken spirit. Coming clean to come my when she was sixteen but saying come my at didn't want her to turn herself in her. Let's year old six years yeah I want. Yeah. You were well Iraq. And we can use of her brainwashed. DelHomme wasn't alive and to the daughter who's still standing by her. Never admitted to urge you to never meant to cause you any follow. Any day. Any event. And I'm sorry. And hope you can funded and you know heart and forgive me. Williams' defense team playing this emotional video of the moment she was locked up but on Thursday tear filled testimony from ocean are Mobley the mother robbed of nearly eighteen years with her baby girl. He doesn't he'll announce her. Is much I haven't gotten a lot of. Confusion and hard 814. Torn between two families. An attorney for come I had tells ABC news she is tough and taking it one day at a time. He says to mile wants to continue to have a relationship with Williams and also wants to grow the relationship. With her biological parents winds now faces up to 22 years behind bars touched. Learn the sentencing June. And that child stuck in the middle she called her mom stats and I are calling them on Philadelphia. Skilling mother she's ever known can't remember 1618 years material thank you Berman.

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{"id":54956454,"title":"Accused baby kidnapper gives emotional testimony","duration":"2:38","description":"Gloria Williams confessed to kidnapping a newborn baby from the hospital 20 years ago and asked for forgiveness on the stand.","url":"/GMA/News/video/accused-baby-kidnapper-emotional-testimony-54956454","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}