'Affluenza teen' expected to be released from prison

The families of the four people killed in a drunk driving accident that sent Ethan Couch to jail are speaking out about his expected release.
4:52 | 04/02/18

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Transcript for 'Affluenza teen' expected to be released from prison
At the was Sean spicer years ago. We'll check in on that later. Right now, this young man. Ethan couch, leaving jail today after spending two years behind bars for a parole violation after killing four in a drunk driving crash. He made headline as the affluenza team. He was too privileged to know right from wrong. Some of the victims' families are speaking out. Reporter: Hey, good morning, George. Ethan couch was nicknamed the affluenza team, at his trial, the defense argued he was too spoiled to know right from wrong. It worked. The judge sentenced him to only probation. When he vie latd it, he got two years. He's expected to be released this morning. Some critics are calling ate grave injustice. After 720 days a T this Texas lockup, Ethan couch this morning set to walk free. But critics say he can't outrun the outrage triggered by his 2013 drunk driving escapade that left four dead. We do believe it's a great injustice to the victims and their families. Reporter: Breanna Mitchell was 1 of 4 killed. Her brother, struggles with the suspect's release. If you did wrong, you are penalized for what you did wrong. This isn't even close. Reporter: On father's day weekend, he piled seven kids in his father's souped up pickup truck and hit 70 miles an hour down this lonely road. Oh, lord. Yes. There's another child in the ditch. Oh, my god. Reporter: His defense argued the then 16-year-old was too rich to know right from wrong. It's a so-called malady duped affluenza. Affluenza. Affluenza. Too rich for jail. Reporter: He was convicted. Got ten years' probation. Not a single day in prison. In December 20 is a, couch and his mother disappeared. They were tracked down in Mexico. Where Ethan had been partying at this strip club. Extradited back to Texas. You're not getting out of jail today. Reporter: The judge threw the book at Ethan for violating parole by fleeing the country. Now, two years later, a chaplain at the jail says couch has changed. I think he has made clear to me he needed time behind bars. Just to really -- get him to the place of ownership. Reporter: Ethan's attorneys say he's accepted responsibility for what happened and felt true remorse. While Ethan may have turned the corner. The court system says his mother, with whom he ran off to Mexico, has not. As he leaves jail, she's back in it for violating her probation by failing a drug test. Oath listen be on strict probation until 2016. He'll be released from jail but he won't exactly be free. Okay, Matt. Thank you. Let's get more from Dan Abrams on this right now. You saw the victims' families very upset. In some ways, prosecutors did everything they could do. They wanted 20 years for this. The judge gave ten years' probation. Once that lenient sentence was issued, they have done everything they can to enhappens that sentence. He gets probation. Flees to Mexico. Gets punished for that until he's 19. Because it's in juvenile court. The minute it goes to adult court, there is something that allows them to add some sentence to it in adult court. They do that. 180 days. Instead of calling it one incident, they called it four incidents. Made it the the maximum 720 days. That's why he's getting released now. Because it's that two-year sentence in effect. Is he subject to the same restrictions? He has a really tough probation here in terms -- I'm not suggesting that is enough. I'm saying his terms are very, very strict with regard to any consumption of alcohol, drugs, how he drives. If he violates any of those, he could face ten years if prison for each violation. Four victims, 40 years in prison if he violated. Did the defense work or not? The defense worksed, right? A witness cited afrl when za and regretted having later said it. I don't think that's why the judge issues the ruling. There's though question this was a lenient sentence. Now, amaamazingly, his mother facing more time than him for helping him flee. Thank you. Hey, George.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"The families of the four people killed in a drunk driving accident that sent Ethan Couch to jail are speaking out about his expected release.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54171274","title":"'Affluenza teen' expected to be released from prison ","url":"/GMA/News/video/affluenza-teen-released-prison-54171274"}