American held in Venezuelan prison returns to US

Josh Holt was released after being held for two years.
4:49 | 05/27/18

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Transcript for American held in Venezuelan prison returns to US
And those comments from president trump overnight about the negotiations. For the North Korean summit he may have noticed he was sitting next to someone that man right there. His name is Josh hold and he was at the White House late on Saturday night under some dramatic dramatic circumstances. Olds had just been released from a prison in Venezuela where he'd been held for two years overnight is reunited with his family at the White House and ABC's tariff on areas covering that story. From the north along terror good morning to you. Good morning again Paula it was a joyous reunion at the White House the president and made it with a tough. Situation but why official tells us that nothing was offered have been as well and exchange for Holtz release. Overnight a warm homecoming for American detainee Josh holt celebrated at the White House holt we're calling the agony after spending two years now a Venezuelan prison. June is the dungeon. This overwhelmed with gratitude they were very very very difficult for years. Not. Not really that the great vacation I was looking for. The 26 year old Mormon in prison shortly after marrying a Venezuelan woman he met online Venezuelan police arresting him on charges of terrorism. US linked espionage and illegal possession of weapons including a rifle and grenades. The US government however contending these charges were inflated. Holtz saying he and Jordan inhumane conditions without trial. Almost two years judge. And an amazing that you were able to take it that through a lot more than most people could endure. Shortly after touching down on American soil with his Venezuelan wife and her daughter. An emotional reunion with his mother. I just want to thank thank you. Do you personally senators Bob Corcoran Orrin hatch working diplomatic channel since Holtz arrest in June 2016. Finally striking a deal of Venezuelan dictator Nicholas majora out for his freedom. We can almost write a book about just the last 48 hour it was just days ago during a riot at the prison. We'll secretly filmed this video begging for his release. I need any help people particularly in the. Entire prison outside they're trying to break in. There's send them want to kill me. The US relationship of Venezuela has been poor. The White House referred to Madera last reelection as a sham and that peace or Venezuela are living without food and medicine but the US is just. Impose more sanctions this past week and the White House says they will stay in place. And Paula. It's amazing they were able to get him out in this context Tara thank you so much so many political issues to talk about on this Sunday morning so let's bring in ABC's Martha Raddatz is in Washington. Where she's going to be hosting this week later this morning Martha good morning to you. So this is the second time in a few weeks we've seen down Trout. Next to Americans who've just been released from captivity overseas before this it was the Americans who were freed from North Korea. How much of a boosted these stories give the due the president. Well I think you just saw there and terrorist report extraordinary they're very thankful to the president they say it again and again Donald Trump. Trump puts all of these releases its very usual of course for someone to be released and go straight to the White House for a photo opportunity. So I would say it's pretty obvious it does give him a boost I'm not sure many Americans knew about Joshua Holton that he was held in Venezuela. But were all always happy when American prisoners are released all. Those are yet in my they want to loot back to North Korea as Bob Woodruff just reported Kim Jung and is now saying that he will dean nuclear I the peninsula but. He wants some security guarantees. If they do including the survival of his regime so how does America go about proceeding. Well I think those will be negotiating issues if this so much does go ahead as originally planned. Kim is very worried about what the US will do he's obviously watching what happened in Libya to Moammar Qaddafi and that's what all this controversy was about in the past week or so he was worried about that will he be killed by his own people eventually. And and that's the kind of security guarantee he wants how do we do that you've heard president trump say you're safe you'll have security but those are the real details they will be trying to work out if this summit goes I had. And McAfee an example as tough for the north Koreans he gave up his news and then was killed by his own people as Martha mention. Martha thank you very much and I want to remind everybody Maher that's a big show this morning job much more on the North Korean summit with a Republican senator Marco Rubio and the former director of the CIA. Michael Hayden. Plus the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee congressman Adam Schiff responding to the president's claim of an FBI spy. In the trump can't that's coming up on this week right here any BC with mark.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"Josh Holt was released after being held for two years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55468423","title":"American held in Venezuelan prison returns to US","url":"/GMA/News/video/american-held-venezuelan-prison-returns-us-55468423"}