Authorities ready for thousands expected to ‘storm Area 51’

Hundreds of people, some from as far away as France, have landed in Rachel, Nevada, the closest town to the secretive military base Area 51.
3:23 | 09/20/19

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Transcript for Authorities ready for thousands expected to ‘storm Area 51’
Happy Friday, by the way. I need a da, da, da, da. Da, da, da, da. Thank you. Today is the day for the alien event. That's why I needed that. That was "Jaws." Storm area 51. The movement that started as an internet joke then became an actual phenomenon for people searching for alien, this is a real thing, now authorities in Nevada are bracing for a possible tourist invasion. Will Carr is there in Rachel, Nevada, with all of the latest. What's going on there, will? Reporter: Well, Cecilia, they have been expecting that human invasion here in Rachel for quite some time but this town only has a population of 54. They're not equipped to handle thousands of people flooding into this area. In fact, they just finished this makeshift stage yesterday for some of the music that is supposed to play later today. The big question now is exactly how many people are going to show up. So far several hundred Earth lings some from as far as France have landed in Rachel, the closest town to area 51. That secretive military base long depicted by Hollywood as housing extraterrestrial life and technology. Advertisers cashing in as well. Bud light creating limited edition alien themed cans and merchandise. Arby's posting this video announcing a special menu for fans including the galaxy milk shake. Three months ago it started as a joke on Facebook. The call by Matty Roberts to storm area 51 but the joke took off. More than 2 million people signed up. It's insane. I just created a joke while I was playing video game, man, and it's taken off to this absolutely wild monster. Reporter: He planked on turning it into a rave of sort, a musical festival. He feared the event could turn into another fire festival so Roberts and the corporate sponsors moved their event to Las Vegas. But one woman decided having the massive party in Rachel was still worth it. How was I going to get through this and how was I going to keep people safe? The security is here. The medical is here. The food is here. The toilets are here and most importantly the people are here. Reporter: Even the town worried about people's safety posting online stay away from Rachel this weekend. But that's not stopping E.T. Enthusiasts from flocking to the middle of the desert. What are you expecting. I don't know. That's what is bringing most people out here. They have stacks of water right here and in the distance you can see port-a-potties all being set up at the last minute. Some tourists even say they still plan on going to the highly restricted base itself. It is an uncomfortable situation you let the people on that other side of the fence know, you know, who is paying the bills. Reporter: While the government has never discussed exactly what happens inside area 51, the base has been cloaked in secrecy for decades. The military has said obviously it would be a bad idea to try to raid area 51. As for this festival besides this little guy on the beer cans there haven't been any alien sightings yet but there's been people out here all night. They're really holding on to hope they might see something out of this world. Guys. Well done. Well done there. Will Carr starting early with that brewski in his hand. He will knock the edge off. Let him know who's paying the

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Hundreds of people, some from as far away as France, have landed in Rachel, Nevada, the closest town to the secretive military base Area 51.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65741028","title":"Authorities ready for thousands expected to ‘storm Area 51’ ","url":"/GMA/News/video/authorities-ready-thousands-expected-storm-area-51-65741028"}