Looking back at Linda Tripp's relationship with Monica Lewinsky

"GMA" got an exclusive first look at the ABC "20/20" special on the rocky relationship between Lewinksy and Tripp.
3:12 | 01/10/19

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Transcript for Looking back at Linda Tripp's relationship with Monica Lewinsky
Now to an exclusive look at the relationship that almost brought down a president. 20 years after the Monica Lewinsky scandal a new "20/20" special examines the friendship between the former intern and Linda Tripp. ABC's Terry Moran has more. Reporter: Good morning, guys. You know, looking back this is still such an incredible story. She was 22 years old, a white house intern fresh out of college and he was 49 years old, the 40th president of the united States. She was in love with him. He certainly enjoyed her company. It was their secret -- their own little world until Monica turned to an older colleague, Linda Tripp who tape recorded her without her knowledge and on those tapes which you hear extensively tonight, it's chilling, in Monica's own words is their story, love, heartbreak, betrayal and a constitutional crisis. Monica had been sent to the Pentagon with the president's promise that after the re-election she would return to the white house. The elections come and go but Monica Lewinsky is not brought back. She becomes distraught and even a little frantic. It's too hard. I know. But if it's any consolation -- You have no idea how hurt I am that I'm not going back. I know. You have no idea. It's the worst. I the worst. I know that. You listen to these tapes, it is hard not to feel for her. You know, she's insecure. She doesn't understand the relationship, how could she. This is no Normal relationship. She was obsessed with him. I spent a year telling her this was a very sick situation. She deserved more than this. I know. I know. Can't. I just can't. Oh, my god. I just -- it's too, it's too much for one person. The histrionics never stopped. They just increased. Something kicked in. Was it maternal? I don't want to define it that way. I will only say that I began to resent the president once I knew about this enormously. It really is an up close look at this love affair that became a constitutnal crisis and at really one of the great acts of betrayal in the history of friendship. Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky. You had a front row. You were covering it when it was happening. I did. I was a young reporter at the time for ABC news and got the legal angle of it and it was extraordinary to me. I was full of idealism about Washington, D.C. And here was the presidency, the congress, the supreme court, in fact, at the impeachment trial getting wrapped up in this story between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky and I remember coming onto the white house grounds which you do all the time, go through the gate, very impressive, I thought, you know what would be an appropriate punishment for Bill Clinton if we walked on to the white house grounds, the second floor window is where the president lives were open and Hillary was throwing all of his stuff out onto the lawn and he had to move out. I think the American people would have said, fine. We won't have an impeachment trial. "Truth and lies" airs tonight right here on ABC.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"\"GMA\" got an exclusive first look at the ABC \"20/20\" special on the rocky relationship between Lewinksy and Tripp.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60283715","title":"Looking back at Linda Tripp's relationship with Monica Lewinsky ","url":"/GMA/News/video/back-linda-tripps-relationship-monica-lewinsky-60283715"}