'Beer guy' Carson King presents $3M check to children's hospital

A public plea for beer money turned into a massive fundraising effort.
1:59 | 10/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Beer guy' Carson King presents $3M check to children's hospital
college football, a public plea for beer money turned into a massive fund-raising effort and now a multimillion dollar donation and ABC's janai Norman is here with the story this morning. What's going on? Incredible. Millions in donations after asking for beer money sounds like a college kid's dream come true. All that money, though, is not only helping Carson king's cause, but also a much greater one. Reporter: Iowa state football fan Carson king was spotted on "College gameday" with the sign asking for beer money, he couldn't have ever guessed what would happen next. I mean I didn't think we'd get anything to start with. So 3 million is pretty cool. King's venmo account tallying up nearly $3 million in under a month with help from Busch light and venmo who both pledged to match the donations he received. This after king took to Twitter promising he would donate almost all the moaning to the university of Iowa children's hospital leaving just enough to buy a case of beer. On Friday he made good on his promise. He presented a $3 million check to the children's hospital. One funny sign, one man with a great heart. Reporter: The newly completed university of Iowa stead family children's hospital a centerpiece for Iowa football games as fans and foes alike wave to the hospital after the first quarter of every game in a touching moment that's become tradition. And even though king is an Iowa state cyclone fan, he says he's proud to be fighting the good cause. I don't really get choked up all that often but when I was at there talking to everyone, that was -- I almost lost it a couple times. It was pretty cool. So king says his next step is to get back to normalcy and he says he plans to pay off some of his own bills and start a foundation at some point in the future. The root of all things -- A man with a great heart and great thirst. Janai, thanks.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"A public plea for beer money turned into a massive fundraising effort.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66228480","title":"'Beer guy' Carson King presents $3M check to children's hospital","url":"/GMA/News/video/beer-guy-carson-king-presents-3m-check-childrens-66228480"}