Biden's agenda on day 1 of G7

The packed schedule coming just one day after the queen met with world leaders at the G7 royal reception and ahead of the long-anticipated Geneva Summit.
2:57 | 06/12/21

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Transcript for Biden's agenda on day 1 of G7
President Biden continues his diplomacy tour in the U.K. As queen Elizabeth officially celebrates her 95th birthday this morning with trooping the color. The public celebration coming just one day after the queen met with leaders at the royal reception and one day before she holds a more formal meeting with president Biden at Windsor castle. It's day two of the g7 summit and China is a big topic of conversation. ABC's Rachel Scott is there with the details. Rachel, good morning. Reporter: Janai, good jam-packed schedule here at the g7, climate change, China, Russia all on the agenda. For president Biden, this is all about showing a united front with our allies ahead of that high stakes meeting with Russian president Putin. This morning world leaders arriving at a beach resort in Cornwall for day two of the g7 summit, a show of solidarity with allies ahead of that high with allies ahead of the meeting stakes meeting with president Putin. What's your message to Putin? I'll tell you after a deliver it. Reporter: Overnight Putin saying relations with the united States are at the lowest point in decades. Translator: President Biden, of course, is radically different from trump because president Biden is a career man, a different kind of person. It is my great hope, that yes, some advantages, some disadvantages. Reporter: President Biden getting a boost from allies before that Geneva summit, sharing elbow bumps and smiles face to face for the first time since the pandemic began. The queen there to bringing her wit to the world stage. And inviting leaders to a reception. Biden now the 13th president to meet with the 95-year-old monarch and the president taking it all the way in. Everybody in the water. Reporter: Pushing to turn the page from trump's America first policies, declaring the U.S. Is back. That message appears to be well received by allies. German chancellor Angela Merkel who had a strained relationship with trump saying Biden stands for a commitment to partnership that was, quote, missing in recent years. And then there was this moment with French president Emanuel macron. The pair spotted arm in arm. Macron later tweeting, now that we are together, united, determined to make a difference, it's time to deliver. Of and today president Biden is hoping to use some of that good will to convince allies to take a stand against China's growing influence around the globe. We are also learning more details about the president's meeting with Putin that will be next week. They will come face to face in two separate sessions and the president will hold a press conference alone. Eva? The world will be watching. Stay with ABC news for special coverage of president Biden's first trip overseas. David Muir heads up our coverage from Geneva starting Wednesday right here on ABC. In the meantime, the justice

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{"duration":"2:57","description":"The packed schedule coming just one day after the queen met with world leaders at the G7 royal reception and ahead of the long-anticipated Geneva Summit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78237581","title":"Biden's agenda on day 1 of G7","url":"/GMA/News/video/bidens-agenda-day-g7-78237581"}