Black mothers speak about their unimaginable loss

Last year, ABC News' Deborah Roberts spoke to seven Black mothers whose children were killed, some by police.
4:31 | 04/21/21

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Transcript for Black mothers speak about their unimaginable loss
As we think of George Floyd and his family we want to recognize some of the other families whose children were lost too soon to violence. Shortly after Floyd's murder deb Roberts spoke to seven mothers about their own stories and their calls for justice, good morning, deb. Reporter: Good morning, robin. And, yeah, I'll never forget the conversation with those moms who have been experiencing over the last year a searing and unique kind of pain, the kind of pain most of us would never understand, they are bonded by tragedy and most have not found the kind of legal justice that George Floyd's family just got. We the jury in the above entitled matter as to count one unintentional second degree murder while committing a felony find the defendant guilty. Reporter: Those guilty verdicts sparking emotions all over the country, from George Floyd's family to crowds gathered in streets and in parks. And this morning, another group gripped by the outcome, black mothers who know the floyds' pain. What do you think they must be feeling? You've been down that road before. You had that guilty verdict in your son's death. What might they be feeling after almost a year of dealing and hanging on to this anguish and this pain? I expected them to be feeling a sense of relief. I heard his brother saying tonight he could finally sleep although I could tell you up to now I have not been able to sleep properly. It's just this -- it's just very difficult because with every other death of a black man at the hands of police, it brings back that old wound. Reporter: Last summer I met with seven moms, most of whom had lost children to police violence including Allison Jean whose son botham was shot and killed by officer amber guyger. I didn't want to see other people happy. I didn't want to see people laughing because I lost a son who did not deserve to die in the way that he did. Reporter: And sybrina Fulton, trayvon martin's mother. The same pain these ladies have, I have. The sleepless nights. Reporter: Even in the midst of their loss, they fight for justice. Some people are just in a moment. But we've got to be about a The platform I have that America provided for me because they murdered my son. I'm no longer trying to save the life of my son but if I can save the life of another mother, I'm going to do it every day of the week. Reporter: Though she found justice for her son Allison Jean says her pain is the same. I did not lose a child to natural causes. My son was killed so in addition to grief, the grief and the pain, I still have to fight for justice. Reporter: And then similarly the outcome of Derek chauvin's trial serves as a signal that there's still much work to be done. What does this verdict today say to America, to you? Look out. Change is on the way. I don't see it around the corner, but every -- we're taking small steps to what is the bold change that's required in America. Reporter: Allison Jean becoming emotional while describing to me the anguish that she was feeling, robin, while waiting for that verdict. This case resonating so much with moms, and particularly moms of color. I know in my own househield my teen son has had trouble with that videotape of George Floyd's last moments and I found myself holding him tighter and watching him closer over the last year, you know, that whole saying that becoming a parent, your heart is beating outside your chest, feeling all so real for so many ofs lately, robin. I'm sure, deb. I got to tell you, you and Al have done a great job with Nick. He is a fine young man. Should be proud. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much for that. All right, deb. You can see more of this story, their painful bond, black mothers speak out together on their unimaginable loss. You can see it on Now let's check in again with

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Last year, ABC News' Deborah Roberts spoke to seven Black mothers whose children were killed, some by police.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"77210563","title":"Black mothers speak about their unimaginable loss","url":"/GMA/News/video/black-mothers-speak-unimaginable-loss-77210563"}