Botham Jean’s brother reacts to courtroom hug response

Brandt Jean speaks live on “Good Morning America” about his forgiving speech to Amber Guyger, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing his brother.
5:36 | 10/04/19

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Transcript for Botham Jean’s brother reacts to courtroom hug response
Both in John's brother Brandt. He joins us along noted attorney Lee Merritt from Dallas in Brentwood which we wanted to thank you both for joining at the brim with sorry for the loss for your families had to endure. And I want to start with that moment you were on the standard talking about the impact for your brother's death his killer is right across from you. They you wanted to give her a hug what made you make that decision to ask for a hug. I just told her in for dinner. And with usual instances. The words only do don't they means something and I felt like I wasn't enough. And if I was in his mind gestures. That my decision of certain. Our decision make that. My decision of letting her know that I truly different here and now is as morally. No one houses were in my decision. In uses in my way of letting them know that she is truly for you and we don't know ocean may commit suicide in the future we don't know. What's gonna happen aren't at Fuller happened to make Arabs and kept our point across. To where. And you sit at your brother with the kind and compassionate man through what do you think he would have thought of that moment. Are honestly think he was four. Known as you know nothing else. It but when you two were embraced him in look at the if you were speaking quietly to each other can you can you tell us. What we've said. Kind words I think our. Partners. And then we we respect that in. So make their some people would not ready to forgive her so what can you say to those people who are not ready to forgive him for Geiger. Just like they're each and everyone has. Steps to give to words actually forgive me I probably went moves faster with people some people want to refer to me. Found. If you are trying to overhears her understand that she is a human being she still deserves love. She. Made a mistake did she probably truly forgive Don regrets. So. If you want to Verlander just. Understand that the god forgive me for gave you and I know. That every time I was carved for community for his me so Wal-Mart and not forgive someone where I waited one year. To hear I'm sorry and I'm grateful for it and it's endless lines. In what do you hope others learn from that moment in court because. You know a lot of everyone has been talking about this moment I think if there's something there for everyone to to take from and what do you hope that people learn from that moment. This is what Jackson didn't. And so it is so for you know. Are there really plan on. Moving years of my life you know hitting his wounds. You know that there's on the gulf peace of mind. And that's the best of our most of you need to do to have peace of mind that is why wake up happy in the morning there is wise. Want to live RP. That are on line. And I want to bring your family attorney Lee mayor in Lee you represent the family. And where they're there are some mixed emotions about. You you have there are and we you know there's mixed emotions were from the family itself. As bread explained it to me this morning and they really it really hit home for me. He he won it that'll and to forgive her words. But he wanted to know what it's hard to believe Philip Sousa saying they seem then that because that's so we asked to sit there and to give a physical display. Of that forgiveness so that she would be free so that he could how often it would be very. Every woman that families hurting desperately because they love both regional. And they won't be able to get past that hurt. If they can't forgive their killers it is kill it. They believe that I believe that consoles an important first step and I mean it was I'm extra exceptionally proud of them he taught me something in that moment. What would lead did did the family feel that justice would serve in this case. We we believe in and the legal system and leave them in that that the domain of the jurors. We hoped. We agree with the district attorney that he should have been on the upper end of the spectrum. That the city should have been closer to 28 years continues. Bet we'll beads that will be closer to justice but that is all separate conversation. From the spiritual release of forgiveness. And don't we ideas why I want thank you both for joining us in in the mid activated a tough time Brandt. You know you're getting to follow your brother's footsteps you go on his formal martyr Obama Mara Harding University one of which you. In your family well young man in Lee thank you so much for joining us. And thank you godspeed you got thank you so much in. What it would have incredible. Lesson in forgiveness and and that he said I've met this point I understand other people are not at this point method teenagers basically who have that that. Process of of life and and and I live in the real emotional issue very important point distinguishing their between justice and mercy yet have a lot to learn from.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Brandt Jean speaks live on “Good Morning America” about his forgiving speech to Amber Guyger, who was sentenced to 10 years in prison for killing his brother.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66056793","title":"Botham Jean’s brother reacts to courtroom hug response","url":"/GMA/News/video/botham-jeans-brother-reacts-courtroom-hug-response-66056793"}