Botham Jean's neighbor gunned down in Dallas parking lot

Joshua Brown testified for the prosecution against Amber Guyger.
1:56 | 10/06/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Botham Jean's neighbor gunned down in Dallas parking lot
Now to a tragic development following the trial of a former Dallas police officer accused of murdering her neighbor. A man who lived across the hall from the victim and testified at the trial was shot dead. Kaylee Hartung is here with that story. Good morning, Kaylee. Good morning, Eva. So much emotion ran through the courtroom during amber guyger's trial. Joshua brown testified through tears describing what he heard of the confrontation and the gunshots that killed his neighbor. Now police are searching to find his killer and anyone who witnessed it. Looks like one on the ground. Reporter: Investigators searching for the gunman who killed a key witness in the trial of former Dallas police officer amber guyger who was convicted last week of murdering her neighbor botham Jean. One shot and then a double tap after that. I looked outside and we saw the victim laying down. Reporter: 27-year-old Joshua brown gunned down in this Dallas parking lot. Just days ago brown provided critical testimony for the prosecution during guyger's trial getting emotional at times as he remembered his neighbor. The accountant was killed as he was in his apartment watching TV. The former officer saying she thought Jean was an intruder. I thought it was my apartment. Do you recall ever hearing someone saying put your hands up? No. No, ma'am. Or show me your hands? No, ma'am. Looks like it was a silver sedan fleeing. Reporter: Dallas police focusing on finding brown's killer. In a community already reeling in the aftermath of botham Jean's death. Guyger was sentenced Wednesday to ten years in prison. It's well short of the maximum 99 years that she could have received. An attorney for botham Jean's family says brown deserves the same justice that he sought to ensure the Jean family. He does deserve that. This is the kind of trauma this city didn't need at this point. Kaylee, thank you. We'll switch gears and check

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"Joshua Brown testified for the prosecution against Amber Guyger.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66092563","title":"Botham Jean's neighbor gunned down in Dallas parking lot","url":"/GMA/News/video/botham-jeans-neighbor-gunned-dallas-parking-lot-66092563"}