California wildfires spark 'extreme red flag warning'

ABC News’ meteorologists Ginger Zee and Rob Marciano report on the latest track of the fires and whether weather conditions will bring any relief.
2:04 | 10/31/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for California wildfires spark 'extreme red flag warning'
Want to go to rob Marciano in Santa Clarita. Winds kicking up there as well. Again, George. We still have the winds blowing. Air is getting colder inland and that causes the air to come rushing down the valleys. The national weather service, this has brought unprecedented action by them. They have issued what's called an extreme red flag warning meaning fire weather conditions are there never done that before. It requires four parameters to be met, one, high wind warning gusting to 58 miles per hour, relative humidity less than 10%, live critical fuel levels of moisture meaning stuff that's live like that, those trees up there that are now brown have to be at 60% or less. We have that and finally a two-day event, absolutely check. Long duration. That's been crushing residents like people in the neighborhood. They're still without power. Firefighters dealing with over two weeks of ongoing wind they're exhausted but very impressive to watch them work their situation. Ten miles per hour is the difference between today and yesterday but still extreme and they might even increase over the next few hours. This morning conditions will continue to be dicey. Michael, over to you. Conditions there, rob. Ginger with the latest on where the winds are heading. We know that driving high has sunk a little farther south. You have smoke alerts from Bakersfield to Modesto but let's focus on southern California. That is where the extreme red flag warning is up. Los Angeles included. Malibu, Pasadena but the high wind warnings for up to 50-mile-per-hour gusts go all the way to the Mexican border. You want to see some of the gust, so impressive of what happened within the last 24 hours. Nearly 80-mile-per-hour winds in Ventura. 73 and 68-mile-per-hour winds at free month canyon and warm springs collectively. We're talking relative humidity 3% to 10%. By tomorrow, this is why I'm smiling, because we can finally see those winds go in the 5 to 15-mile-per-hour range. The only thing left is horrible air quality going into the weekend. Thank you. Now to breaking news overseas.

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{"duration":"2:04","description":"ABC News’ meteorologists Ginger Zee and Rob Marciano report on the latest track of the fires and whether weather conditions will bring any relief.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66659614","title":"California wildfires spark 'extreme red flag warning'","url":"/GMA/News/video/california-wildfires-spark-extreme-red-flag-warning-66659614"}