CEO of Clorox on demand for disinfectant wipes, supply chain and restocking

Linda Rendle speaks to "GMA" about the race to fill demand, which is up 500% as students and teachers prepare to head back to school in some areas amid the pandemic.
5:25 | 08/10/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CEO of Clorox on demand for disinfectant wipes, supply chain and restocking
We turn now to our ABC news exclusive. Many people want to hear about this. With the head of Clorox as covid cases top 5 million and so many student head back to school demand for disinfectant wipes is high. We have so many images of empty store shelves. Demand is up 500%. They're racing tofillemand. Joining us now from the bay area is Linda Rendle. We appreciate you taking time. Let me get right to it. The question people want to know where are the wipes and how are you keeping up with the demand? Well, the good news, robin, is that we are making wipes in record numbers and shipping them to stores in record numbers but I want to start by acknowledging I know how much people are hurting given what's going on with covid and know we're facing an incredibly difficult time and I hope we can all stay well together. In terms of wipes we are making more disinfectant products than ever before. Since January we're able to make 100 million more disinfecting products than we did before. A 50% increase and specific to wipes we're making nearly 1 million packages of wipes every single day and shipping them to stores. You are churning them out every day doing your best. Do you have any suggestions, Linda, for consumers, they tips on how they can go about being able to purchase them when they become available? Yes, and first we thank everybody for their patience. We know it's hard when you're looking for them so a few tips for people. First, many stores online you can sign up for reminders when products are back in stock. You can do that at Others allow you to enter your zip code to see if they're in stock at the moment you click. Certainly store managers can help you when shipments arrive and use and use Clorox bleach which is in stock and many tips on how to use that to disinfect surfaces around your home. You know it is back to school and at a time during the covid pandemic and you're working with schools and teachers and trying to help. Tell us about that. Yeah, getting ready for back to school in my own house and my husband is a teacher. I know this well, that the challenges parents and students and teachers are facing this back-to-school season are unprecedented and partnering with clear the list and making a $1 million donation to help teachers and they can buy anything they need to support the classroom and students including electronics, masks, anything that can help a successful school year. And I know you're working with other companies and some sports leagues, as well. The NBA and wnba, what are you doing with them? Yeah, they are just a couple of the partnerships we started. What that was about, we heard from so many people they were missing the small things in life like sports and entertainment and that joy that we get every day when it's in our homes so we partnered with the NBA and wnba to provide them a small amount of products to keep their teams, the refs and all of the essential workers working in the bubble safe and hopes that provides joy to people who stay at home in their living rooms. All right. You are going to become the CEO, you're the ceo-elect of Clorox H it becomes official, you're going to join a record number of women that we're seeing leading fortune 500 companies. What does it mean to you personally to be a part of this history? I am incredibly honored, one, to be CEO of such an incredible company like Clorox and the role we serve in the pandemic and, of course, honored to be the 38th woman to join those ranks, but, of course, 38 out of 500 isn't quite where it needs to be, it's not just women but minorities underrepresented in leadership in fortune 500 companies and hoping we can make additional progress over the next few years to get to the place we need to and having diverse leadership teams run these company. I'm sure many share those similar thoughts. So your husband is a teacher. What dogs he teach? Well, he was a math and history teacher. He became a middle school director but now getting to be a Dean of students. Oh. Oh, I'm sorry about that. Oh, well, I was just interested. You know, when he said that but I'm very happy for her and what she said about being the 38th out of 500. Still work to be done when it comes to leadership but she is very proud of what she's doing there at Clorox and some good suggestions on how why can go about snagging those wipes. I was taking notes, robin. Thank you for that.

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{"duration":"5:25","description":"Linda Rendle speaks to \"GMA\" about the race to fill demand, which is up 500% as students and teachers prepare to head back to school in some areas amid the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72278438","title":"CEO of Clorox on demand for disinfectant wipes, supply chain and restocking","url":"/GMA/News/video/ceo-clorox-demand-disinfectant-wipes-supply-chain-restocking-72278438"}