College takes 'legal and moral' responsibility for athlete's death

The University of Maryland said "mistakes" were made by training staff in the death of Jordan McNair, 19, in an offseason football practice.
2:50 | 08/15/18

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Transcript for College takes 'legal and moral' responsibility for athlete's death
Now to new developments in that fallout surrounding the university of Maryland's football program. The university is now taking, quote, legal and moral responsibility for mistakes made in the death of a player, Jordan McNair. ABC's Zachary kiesch is here with more on that. Good morning, Zach. Reporter: Good morning. The school's investigation is not done yet, robin. That's what makes this a bit surprising but they have accepted responsibility for the death of this student athlete in an attempt to own their missteps. 19-year-old Jordan McNair came to his home state school, the university of Maryland, to chase his football dreams. Now after his death from heat exhaustion, a powerful admission from school leadership. The university accepts legal and moral responsibility for the mistakes that our training staff made. We have an individual hyperventilating after exercising and unable to control their death. Reporter: According to ESPN, the red shirt freshman who was running 1 10-yard sprints when he had to be helped off the field by teammates. He had a body temperature of 106 degrees, according to his family. In signs of extreme exhaustion. He was taken to the hospital where he died 15 days later. I said to the family the university owes you an apology. You entrusted Jordan to our care, and he is never returning home again. Reporter: On Tuesday, the school announcing they have parted ways with strength and conditioning coach Rick core who was reportedly overseeing practice the day McNair collapsed. Coach core tweeting about his resignation. It is critical to live what I strive to instill in my players. I am stepping down to allow the team to heal and move forward. The school is now in the middle of an independent investigation into the football program, placing head coach D.J. Durkin on leave. The family lawyer telling us, while Marty and Tonya will never get another day with Jordan, Dr. Lowe's words were meaningful fo them and give them some comfort that he will put them on the path to change the culture of the program. The university saying they could have been more after this incident to help this young man and create a healthier environment out there on the football field. I keep coming back to this line about legal and moral responsibility. I mean, they're really trying to get out ahead of this thing. They are. Glad that we heard from the parents saying it has brought them some sort of comfort. What were you saying the other day when you two were talking about this, Michael? You're getting pushed so much out there but always remember it's easy to be tough with somebody else's body. It is. Like we talked about the other day, it's about being pushed to the next level. It doesn't matter if you're a teacher, a coach, all these leadership opportunities come with responsibilities. These young players just want to perform for their coaches and they're going to do what they're asked to do out there. Thanks, guys. Coming up here on "Gma,"

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"The University of Maryland said \"mistakes\" were made by training staff in the death of Jordan McNair, 19, in an offseason football practice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57190503","title":"College takes 'legal and moral' responsibility for athlete's death","url":"/GMA/News/video/college-takes-legal-moral-responsibility-athletes-death-57190503"}