Comey memos released to Congress

The memos detail, in part, James Comey's recollections of exchanges with President Donald Trump about Russian campaign interference.
2:37 | 04/20/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Comey memos released to Congress
"Hn America." Infamous James com memos based on his not wh encounters with president trump leased to congress and obtained by ABC newsovernight. They reveal comments esident trump allegedly made about vlimir Putin and fired national securitydviser Michael Flynn. Our chief justice correspondent homes is tracking Alf this for us there in d.c.od morning, Pierre. Reporter: N, good morning. That's right. Those controversial Comey memos now in the hands O congress and president P is weighg in. Overnight, ABC news obtaining the memos for FBI director James cowrote afterse controial encoters with the president. The M turned by the justice dertment to congressional investigators lt night largely match Comey's core testimony and what N an exclusi interview with ABCNEWS. After his first encounter with ident-elec trump on January 7th of last year he wrote the president seemed preoccupied wi salacious accusations from veinence. The subject, prostitutes. There were no ostute,he were never ostitutes,omey trump saying. Co tng grge -- He inteup started talking aboutit do I look like a G who needs okers. Rter: After another meeting with trump inhe oval office Comey wro the preside was again talking about titutes. He wrote, the hours thing is nonsense but Putin him we have some of test beautiful hookers in the world. Comey noted trump didn't say wh P told him this but nfirmed the conversation last GHT. He told thatead a rsation wh prest Putin AUT hookers? Yes. Reporter: Also released Mey's mem regarding what trump allegly sai about fired national secyisers Michael Flynn. E memo confirmed Comey wrote trump allegedly letting thing go to letting fly go. He also revealed a N bit of detail. According to C tru sai Flynn had serious just issues overnight trump tweeting that Comey's memos proof there was no inclusion obstruction of justice and that Comey classified informn. Coy supports have said statements are simply note. Comey's former deputy ctor isow fig the ntial ol charges? Reporter: That's ri robin. The justice department's spector geral I asking the U.S. Attorney's oe in D.C. To decide whether Mccabe who was recently fired should prosecuted for misleading investors. Mccabe deniedseegations but faces the pro of a possible criminal investigation the veryge he once led. Bin. Ll right. Thank you.

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{"id":54604188,"title":"Comey memos released to Congress","duration":"2:37","description":"The memos detail, in part, James Comey's recollections of exchanges with President Donald Trump about Russian campaign interference.","url":"/GMA/News/video/comey-memos-released-congress-54604188","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}