New concerns about fake reviews on Amazon

Amazon's ban on paid reviews has not stopped sellers from recruiting reviewers on social media, according to the Washington Post.
3:28 | 04/25/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New concerns about fake reviews on Amazon
Back now with new concerns about fake reviews on Amazon. A report says despite the attempts paid reviews are still popping up. Rebecca Jarvis is here with more. Certain kinds of products are generating most of the reviews. Reporter: That's right. Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and diet pills. They are the most susceptible to fake reviews. Some saying it's an epidemic how frequently these phonies are cropping up the. This morning, a new whatter is reportedly waging at online retail giant Amazon over an influx of possibly inauthentic product reviews for some products. All the sellers are getting hurt from this because there are a few that don't play by the rules. Reporter: "The Washington post" owned by Amazon's CEO Jeff bezos, reporting that a vast majority of reviews for popular categories appear to violate Amazon's prohibition on paid reviews. Artificially inflating the the ranking of thousands of items on the site. Right now, it's really difficult for sellers who are like us. Competing against unscrupulous sellers engaged in activities that generate five-star product reviews of their own products. Reporter: And while Amazon banned paid reviews a year and a half ago, "The Washington post" says that hasn't stopped some sellers from recruiting reviewers on social media sites. February there were nearly 100 Facebook groups, one with 50,000 members, for the purpose of sourcing positive reviews. The Amazon sellers need to reach large margarets of buyers. The Facebook groups offer an opportunity for sellers to have access to in some cases, 70,000, 80,000 people. You would get the product for free in exchange for a review. Sometimes they would give you -- usually send you a refund in the form of PayPal. Reporter: According to reviewme the Ta, a website that helps people find questionable reviews, will are things to look out for. Reading the the text. Rather than going offer the average rating. Reporter: In a statement, Amazon says inaun thentic reviews made up less than 1% of all reviews. We inguest gate each claim and take action by suppressing reviews that violate of guidelines. Overnight, Facebook telling us the groups identified misuse our platform and violate stands. We remove the groups once we're made aware of them. Clearly, there's still a problem here. There more ways people can tell a real review from fakes. You can go in and reverse search a url for a product. It will tell you at they believe are the real versus fake reviews. You co-spot the fakes by doing digging. It the will take some time. For example, look for the dates on the reviews. The you see a huge influx of reviews on the same day that are all positive, that can be a giveawhat they those people were paid. Also the language. If there's a lot of repetition in the language. Somebody says over and over, I used this at the gym. That can be a giveaway as well. Good point. A lot of work. You have to do digging. It's worth it. I like going to the store and

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Amazon's ban on paid reviews has not stopped sellers from recruiting reviewers on social media, according to the Washington Post.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54714663","title":"New concerns about fake reviews on Amazon","url":"/GMA/News/video/concerns-fake-reviews-amazon-54714663"}