Couple alleges hotel scam after bill arrives

A new warning to travelers after a Nebraska couple was billed for thousands of dollars in room service and other charges after they had already checked out.
3:06 | 08/31/18

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Transcript for Couple alleges hotel scam after bill arrives
be listening to this warning about a hotel scam. List a Nebraska coupleilled for thousands of dollars in out of that room. O Benitez is here with more. Gio, T got that bill and were terrifiedo can you imagine? So many of us dit. We pack up and justvehe tel expecting them close out the bill, emailec but turns out that cost Yo thsands. This morning,amilys sounding the alarm. Hi, this mrsbrandle. We checked out of room 2814 an found out ourghtas led. R: Like atreet of "Ean's 8"? We were hoping we could get our origin room back. Reporter: You leave your hoteut don't fully leaving your credit card active and vulnerable to Hiers. 'S what one couple says happened to them. Hailey wells and her husband en nights in this in Chicago. She says when the the hotel she placed her keysn the drop box and used the hotel's automated checkout ice. Two days after arriving home she says she got a second bill from the hotel with re E days of cha including roomstays, car valet, phone chaes and out our ABC 7hicago I team. A total of$6,539 and saying I was checking out ING. Reporter: Experts say T can access your grbing your keys you leave and aing themselves to your reservation. You would assume if somebody would be added would have be present withy identification. Reporter: We showing they chicagohile ot charges ourred suppliedhis timestamped vid of herself Oma but the hotel woubudge. Basically told me iwaspo for a of these ges. Orter: The"w" Chicago lakeshore says we take informn ery serious and have measures place to protect guest data. We are aware of this matter. In touch wit the guest dtl a are investigate due to privacy we arenable to comment further. It comown they had a hugeach in security. Reporter: Wells filed the police reportnd is disputing charges her cdit card company right now but the biggestip, jus don't leavee keys in the room. I know you do my gosh. Every ti W all travel a ton for work. We'rli weout. You guys do C out. As the only one. I'm paranoid. I needpt when I leave. How can we prevent this from happening to us. We mean us. Got to do whate's ING. What you want to do, go T them hi. Even if you go to the front bring them the keys andet that receipt and hopefu I didn'thi they worked after noon. Bads. , Gio. Hank you.

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"A new warning to travelers after a Nebraska couple was billed for thousands of dollars in room service and other charges after they had already checked out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57524492","title":"Couple alleges hotel scam after bill arrives","url":"/GMA/News/video/couple-alleges-hotel-scam-bill-arrives-57524492"}