Couple recounts drama of hot air balloon crash

Tom and Shawna Stenton of Louisville, Kentucky, were on a sightseeing tour of Las Vegas in a hot air balloon when it crashed, ejecting the pilot.
2:56 | 09/19/19

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Transcript for Couple recounts drama of hot air balloon crash
Back now for our exclusive interview with a couple that survived a hot air balloon crash. They were trapped and dragged for half a mile and revealed to kayna Whitworth how they made their escape. Good morning, kayna. Reporter: George, good morning. Their steer is incredible. They came here from Kentucky to Las Vegas hoping to enjoy their they never thought they would spend most of it in the hospital. It was terrifying. It was horrific. It was by far the scariest experience of my life without a doubt. Reporter: Tom and Shawna stenton were on a scenic sunrise flight but would soon be fighting for their lives after the hot air balloon they were riding in plummeted out of the sky. It felt like a car crash, like a head-on collision. It just hit, bang, we just hit. It just was us on the ground. Reporter: The initial impact ejecting the pilot and four other passengers out of the basket. Once the dust cleared that's when we started lifting off again and we realized we were like, where is everybody? You just knew that all of a sudden the pilot is not in the basket and that's when you take the ropes. How did you know what to do. I just remember him saying that there was a red rope and it opens up the canopy at the top of the balloon and lets air out or the hot air out and you have like 15 seconds from when you pull that till it starts to actually drop. Reporter: The balloon finally crashing drags along the desert sand for nearly a half mile, first Shawna then Tom thrown to the ground unable to see anything through the dust. When he stood up and started shouting my name after we were out of the balloon I remember thinking if there was ever a doubt in my life, he loved me. I know for sure. Reporter: Shawna's leg broken. Her lung punctured and collapsing. Both of them trapped in the middle of nowhere for nearly two hours before help arrived. Their location so remote authorities could only get there with atvs. We started driving and we're like, how much more do we got? Yeah. We still have three miles. At least three miles. It seemed like 300 miles. Reporter: Of the nine people on board, seven were taken to the hospital. One person was airlifted. I see fear in your eyes. It's awful to think about it. It's hard to -- I was just glad we were alive and together. Reporter: So the FAA and NTSB are investigating. The balloon company has not answered our phone calls and as for Tom and Shawna they have a long road to recovery but that starts today when they finally get to go home and you guys, they told me really the hardest part about all this is the fact that they've been away from their 12-year-old son this whole Oh, thinking of their son. That's tough. Thank you so much.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Tom and Shawna Stenton of Louisville, Kentucky, were on a sightseeing tour of Las Vegas in a hot air balloon when it crashed, ejecting the pilot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65713589","title":"Couple recounts drama of hot air balloon crash","url":"/GMA/News/video/couple-recounts-drama-hot-air-balloon-crash-65713589"}