'Dancing' tour bus crashes amid winter storm

No one from "Dancing With the Stars" was seriously injured in the crash, one of many massive pileups that occurred across the Midwest.
2:33 | 02/06/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dancing' tour bus crashes amid winter storm
Now to that winter blast leading to massive pileups killing at least 13 people. A "Dancing with the stars" tour bus in one of those. Thankfully no one seriously injured but now a new storm is moving in. Alex Perez is in Chicago with more. Good morning, Alex. Reporter: Hey, good morning, Michael. Complicating things underneath all of this fresh snow in many areas there's a dangerous layer of ice and once this snow started falling it kept coming creating some massive problems. This morning, the deadly blast of winter weather being blamed for 13 deaths across the midwest, snow, ice and whipping winds leading to a string of crashes along highways like I-35 in Iowa. Where this massive pileup left at least one person dead. Probably 20 or 30 cars started piling up. Reporter: The collision involving almost 50 vehicles including a tour bus carrying some of the cast and crew of "Dancing with the stars," only minor injuries were reported prompting last season's winner Jordan fish story send out this tweet, thanking god for the safety of our crew. Down this stretch of Missouri highway, overturned semis and cars left entangled. The icy asphalt on Nebraska roads leaving vehicles without traction, some spinning out of control. In Massachusetts, this school bus slammed into a home. This car in Chicago losing control on a busy highway spinning across multiple lanes before crashing into the median. Across the midwest morning commute is expected to be a mess and we're not in the clear just yet. Another more widespread storm is already on the way. Michael. All right, thank you, Alex. You're right. A new storm is forming in the south targeting the northeast. Ginger. We've got advisories and watchings from Sherman, Texas to R Rumford, Maine. It started in parts of the rockies and now it will bring ice from northern Arkansas right through, say, paducah, Kentucky and the timing is today through tomorrow morning then the low is right here. It could be a very messy start from Washington, D.C. Right through New York City, guys, it's not just the snow, in some places 6 to 12 inches but ice on top of it in some areas you could see up to a half inch. Thank you, ginger. Always the ice. The ice is the one thing you kind of misjudge sometimes as a driver. The nationwide flu epidemic. One of the deadliest in years

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{"id":52867735,"title":"'Dancing' tour bus crashes amid winter storm","duration":"2:33","description":"No one from \"Dancing With the Stars\" was seriously injured in the crash, one of many massive pileups that occurred across the Midwest.","url":"/GMA/News/video/dancing-tour-bus-crashes-amid-winter-storm-52867735","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}